UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

O'Connor, Australian Capital Territory

December 19th 2004

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: O'Connor, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.

Date: Sunday 12/19/2004. Approximately 3pm local time

Approach Direction: South to north.

Departure Direction: None

Witness Direction: North east.

Description: At approximately 3 pm (do not know the exact time) on Sunday afternoon, 19/12/2004, I went outside to have a cigarette. I was looking at the moon, which was at the time situated to the north east of the city about 45 degrees in the sky. The sky was mostly cloud free, and there were no clouds near the object. From behind a tree a small, spherical object became visible, moving in a straight line horizontally in what appeared to be a northerly direction about 5 degrees under the position of the moon. The object periodically flashed due to what I thought was a combination of rotation and the reflection of the sun (which was situated behind myself and the moon).

I cannot accurately estimate the height of the object, however it was about the size of the radius of a cigarette's filter held at arms length. After moving like this for about 10 seconds and covering about two hand spans at arm's length, the object appeared to jitter, moving up and down a few times quickly in a distance of about a hand's width at arm's length, while still traveling forward at the same speed. It then shot upwards on a 45 degree trajectory, without slowing or curving whatsoever. It was then that I called out to my housemate to come quickly and see what was in the air. The object then moved downwards in a large arc and vanished.

I know for a fact it was not an airplane, a meteor, a satellite, a weather balloon, or anything I have ever seen before. I was very excited by what I had seen, and I didn't feel afraid or have any negative emotions about it. Obviously, I don't know whether it was an alien craft, undisclosed government technology, or a natural phenomenon of some kind. Maybe someone else saw something similar that day?

Color/Shape: Appeared to be spherical, metallic in colour, although I was far away and the flashing makes me think it had a non-spherical shape to it.

Height & Speed: 3-4 km. Approach possibly 400 km/h. Departure very high velocity, unable to determine which direction the object left in.

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