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Sydney, New South Wales


Sydney, Australia Object Appeared To Look Like A Jellyfish In It's Movements

Date: 2005 (?)
Time: About 6:00 or 7:00 p.m.

This occurred almost a year ago now.

On driving home from work in Sydney, I pulled into a street that leads down to where I live. It was about 6 or 7pm. I noticed something in the sky which drew my attention. I was looking at it thinking to myself "what is that?" Possibilities were rushing through my mind. When I say rushing I mean as soon as I thought one thing, I immediately dismissed it and moved to the next thought.

Oh it's a big black garbage bag floating through the air. No it's not. Oh it's a garbage bag on fire. No it's not. Oh I must be having a migraine (I occasionally have migraines that mess up my vision for a while). No I'm not. Oh, my eyes must be having a problem (I don't know why I thought this). No they're not. Oh, It's a blimp. No it's not.

These thoughts were zipping through my mind. Since spotting this thing, I had continued - slowly - driving down the hill, and was just about at my street.

Oh, It's a kite (I thought this as I could see two "diamond shaped plates" - one over the other - that sort of resembled one of those box kites (apologies for the vague description). I thought it was close but then thought no, its way out in the distance. In fact I couldn't accurately assess it's distance from me, its size or its shape with any certainty. It was as if as soon as my eyes had focused on it, it then changed shape.

This object looked like a large black jellyfish. I think when I had initially spotted the object it was stationary, but it had started to move almost immediately. More swimming than flying. The object had a dark centre with a slightly lighter - grey even - outer "casing". Like it had a cloud around it.

The object appeared to be hugging the tree line. By this, I mean that it hugged the silhouette of the tops of the trees. It then appeared to drop down behind the trees - where there is a kiddies playground in a park. As it dropped down, it resembled a wave breaking on the beach, in that it appeared to roll over itself - it looked as if it was alive - as I said like a jellyfish in the sky.

For some reason, I decided to do a U turn and head back up the street - a decision that I strangely immediately regretted - and one that I continue to question. The reason I turned around to go back up the hill was that I was still sort of thinking that this was a big object in the distance - such as a blimp - and I thought that I would be able to see it better from higher up. I couldn't and so turned left, heading towards the playground. However, I could no longer see it, so I decided to simply go home.

I would think that the above sighting alone would merit mentioning. However, when I arrived home my wife said "you'll never guess what I just saw".

She then proceeded to tell me that while she was bringing in the washing, she had looked up and noticed something unusual. She said she stood there thinking similar thoughts to the ones that I had - garbage bag on fire etc. She described standing there with this object being motionless above her. She said that, after thinking about it, the thing had been slowly drifting across the sky westward, but had stopped and slowly came back until it was motionless above her, where "it showed itself". She said that it was a large black object that didn't make any noise. It was diamond shaped with a black round centre area and with a flashing orange light at its centre. The tips of the diamond seemed hazy - like a mirage effect. The thing had started to move away so she went into the house and looked through from the front windows of our house, where she noticed it drop down past some trees. Just prior to it dropping out of sight, she had thought, oh its a blimp.

When she said this to me, I thought it odd that she would have thought it was a blimp, seeing as she had had a clear view of it from its underside, and from her description, it didn't sound like a blimp.

Taking this all into account, and seeing that we had seen the same thing from two locations, I can safely estimate that the object was no more than 150 feet above ground.

Realizing this, I now wish I had continued to drive down the hill to the playground as I wonder what I would have seen there.

Some time later, perhaps a few weeks, while I was hanging out the washing (I should be able to recall when this was, as it is a truly rare event for me to be involved in the washing!), I spotted a dark object coming from the west. I called my wife out to see what it was. As soon as I called her I thought to myself oh you dickhead - its just a sock floating in the wind. But then reconsidered. It was close to midday, and a very clear and sunny day. We both stood there - in almost the same spot as where my wife had seen the first object - looking at this black thing in the sky. I said, "Oh its a bird gliding". My wife wasn't so sure. It was moving slowly eastward. I next said "I've got it - definitely this time - its a small remote control plane". But after a while it didn't appear to be the case. By this time we had both started to realize it was similar to - but not exactly like - the object we had seen previously. The difference was that it didn't have a cloud around it. This thing seemed to be smaller - was possibly up to 300 feet or so in the sky, but very hard to tell. The best way to describe it is as one of those long thin balloons that clowns turn into animals. This thing changed shape slowly but continuously for the few minutes that we observed it.

I have seen other strange things in the sky, as have most of my family, so wasn't too shocked by what my wife and I saw, but I do have to say that by far this is the most bizarre thing I have ever witnessed. All the best.

Thank you to the witness for the very interesting report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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