UFO Sighting Report - Australia

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Silverwater, New South Wales

March 27th 2005

Source: 1800 UFO Hotline Follow Up Callin Code 3936

UFO Sighting Silverwater NSW

Date: 27-03-05
Time: 12.49am
Place: Silverwater
Caller: Peter.


Peter lives at Silverwater, on the Morriset East Penninsula, and was awoken at about 12.50am on Sunday 27/3/05 by what he thought was howling dogs. When he went outside he realised it was a party going on in a neighbouring backyard and noticed how full the moon was. After watching the sky for a couple of minutes, he noticed a bright object to the right of the moon which at the time thought was a star or planet . He then realised that the "star" was more of a cylindrical shape and moved across the path of a smaller star from right to left. He then went & got a pair of binoculars and focussed on the object and could see a round object with what looked like pebbles inside it.

He then decided to go inside & wake his wife up to witness the event, she also viewed it through the binoculars and agreed with Peter that this was no star! The object then went from the left to the right to its original position where he first sighted it. Peter discribed that the object at arms distance would of been about the size of a 20 cent piece and in the position of 5 o'clock with his index finger. When he and his wife went to bed at about 1.30am, the object was still visible.

Peter served as a Merchant Seaman and has witnessed a couple of strange things out to sea around the years of 1982-1985 and feels that he confidently knows the difference between planes, stars, planets etc. He was very impressed that this call was followed up as he rang Telstra Assistance and told the girl he had just seen a UFO & what number did he need to call. She then connected him to the 1800 number & he left his message. When I phoned him, his first reply was "oh, you people are real!" I gave him the Auforn website details as he was keen to look up more information. Peter was a pleasure to talk to and I would say very credible.

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