UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Petersham, Sydney, New South Wales

April 10th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: Chris

Location: Petersham, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Date: Sunday, 10/04/05, 19.55hrs (Local)

Approach Direction: East

Departure Direction: West

Witness Direction: North

Description: On Sunday 10 April 2005 the weather in Sydney was 26 degrees with a remarkably clear sky due to minimal city pollution. At around 7.30pm I went outside to enjoy the evening air and gaze at the brilliant night sky turning off all lights in the rear of the house to enhance my view.

The sky to the west was a deep blue, as it was still too early for the night to have turned totally dark. I reclined on my garden bench to get a better look at the constellation of Orion, which lay directly above me, periodically using my binoculars to get a more detailed view. After a while I noticed what can only be described as a large shadow moving in a controlled fashion across the sky. It could only be seen as its contrasted very slightly with the not yet dark nightscape. I quickly raised my binoculars to check the ghostly image only to see a very dark (Black) boomerang or 'V' shaped object silhouetted against the evening sky. It moved with stealth and was completely silent. I found it impossible to gauge how big the craft was but the lights which were visible (only with binoculars) around its circumference gave me the instinctive feeling that I was looking at something signifcant.

My sighting last for approx 10 seconds, as I watched it disappear into the west and out of view. It is important to note that I live in a suburb which is directly under the flight path of Sydney's Kingsford s Smith Airport. Having spent 16 years in aviation I can safely say that I am familiar with ALL civil aircraft types and their various airport approaches. I can say without Any Question that this object, what ever it was, was not an aircraft - neither civilian or military and displayed technological characteristics which go far beyond anything we are led to believe exists today. The fact that I saw this at all was, in my opinion, was only due to the fact that the night sky was deep blue not black. I would imagine that in the black of night this object would be totally invisible.

This experience left me both excited and shaken.

Color/Shape: Dark / Black Boomerang or V shaped craft. It has pale white or light coloured lights around its circumference

Height & Speed: The height was difficult to estimate due to the time of day and conditions of the sighting.

The speed looked to be similar to that of an aircraft decent speed being approx 240Kms per hour. But the sense of speed would be influenced by the alltitude of the craft.

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