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Tilba Tilba, New South Wales

November 2005?

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Date posted: 19th April 2007 11:35:10 PM

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Name: Trevor xxxxx
Town-City: Tilba Tilba, NSW, Australia
Occupation: Window tinter
Sighting Date: Unsure - November - 2005
Sighting Time: 13.30hrs
Sighting TimeZone: Eastern Standard Time
Sighting Duration: 40 seconds

Observation: Caretaking xxxxxx farm, Tilba is noted for very good storms, Mt Dromadary has large iron deposits. I was watching the storm till ended, I went inside, then went back outside for cig approx 30 minutes later and watch swirling electricity in sky ( amazing never seen anything like this before) I do remember skys had cleared, then on top of Mt Dromadary I saw rotating lights, they were rectangle shaped and were rotating like a lighthouse but much quicker. They were beaming out but did not get larger, just straight out. They were very large and quite clear too see.

They lasted about 40 seconds, could not work out how or what these lights could be, only way to top of mountain is a walking track, from approx halfway up the mountain, 2 hours up if your fit .

( Mountain has seen lots of gold digging from the late 1800,s to early 1900,s so there are a few small shafts up there. 5 years ago people have gone missing up there, reportedly lost or fallen down old mine shaft ..)

After the lights stopped I did notice the swirling effect stopped as well and I remember feeling disapointed it had finished, but was confused about rotating lights, kept trying to explain to myself it was something explainable.

Did mention it to the owners of farm when they returned. In 30 years they have never seen anything unusual .. ( At least they laughed and said I was crazy )

Location: Caretaking of farm , farm is approx 2 klms west of the princes hwy and 5 klms south of Tilba Tilba , Mt Dromadary .

Other Witnesses: Wife and 10mth old baby asleep in house wife did not hear or see anything, told my wife and expected ( your crazy response ) but she was quite understanding, very out of character for her , queried this later and she admitted to seeing something one other time , but did not want to talk about it .
Apparent Size: lights where a min of 50 meters high
Actual Size: Huge, probably larger than 50 meters
Altitude: Ground level ?
Object Origin: Stationary
Object Destination: Light stopped , did not see any thing leaving or landing .
Weather: Visibility, Clear - Temp: Mild - Sky: Storm - Wind: Calm
Weather Comments: storm had passed , and cleared
Viewing Aids: Naked eye
Effects Physical: No
Effects Psychological: Stress, confusion, it should not be possible
Effects Other: very hard to explain, but the sky seemed electrified, it was swirling mass electricity , like glow bugs in a washing machine, best way I can describe it, that is why I was looking towards the Mt .

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