UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Christies Beach, near Adelaide, South Australia

November 12th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Christies Beach near Adelaide South Australia.

Date: 11/12/05 (12 Nov 05)
Between 10-40pm and 10-50pm daylight saving time for Adelaide. I checked my bedside alarm at 10-53 after the sighting.

Approach Direction: From just a little south of east

Departure Direction: Toward a little north of west

Witness Direction: South initially at elevation from the horizon 60 degrees, then progressing to due west elevation 25 to 30 degrees.

Description: I was awake in bed watching the stars through my bedroom window. When the object entered the frame of the window it was at least as bright as the moon, glowing, slightly reddened, round, more than half the apparent diameter of the moon. No debri of smaller bits falling off.

The moon was there to compare directly.

It was moving at the same speed as sattelites do, or perhaps a little slower.

My bedroom has a door to the outside so I was able to rush outside and continue to watch from my back yard for about a minute. My house got in the way when I was five meters from a three meter high wall and looking directly west. I ran to a new positon further south to get a better angle. The object had disappeared probably behind a big cloud continuous to the horizon which for me was the trees across the road.

I was able to see a real sattelite due west and near a horizon not obscured by trees that was tracking toward slightly north of west, I think the sattelite and the object were on paralell courses but well separated.

My interpretation is this object was a near miss spherical object touching the earth atmosphere. If it was 100 km high then simple trig gives its diameter half a kilometer.

I called for other people to come, but they were too late.
I would certainly like to hear of any one else making a report at that time.

Color/Shape: Round, redish, brighter than the moon which was there to compare. No debris. Half the moon's diameter.

Height & Speed: Upper atmosphere. Speed about the same as low orbit sattelites. No change in speed during sighting.
First sighting elevation 60 degrees from due south. Last sighting, disappeared behind clouds, elevation 25 to 30 degrees from due west.

TV/Radio/Press: This is my first report. I have seen no other.

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