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Tibooburra, New South Wales & Adavale, Queensland

April 23rd/24th 2006

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Recently I was comping in outback NSW about 15 k's west of Tibbuburra on a new moon beautiful clear night. I climbed into my swag after dark for an early night and also to observe the night sky. I was facing towards the constellation of Gemeni. Whilst focussing on a section of sky I saw a 'star' blinking at me. I thought I was seeing things to begin with and put more attention into that piece of sky. The blinking continued and for the next two hours I was able to time the space between the blinks to 39 seconds. I was on my own at this stage.

I went on the next day to my hut at Adavale in Far Western Queensland and told friends of the sighting. We were all able to focus on that section of sky and able to witness the blinking again and timed it again at 39 seconds apart. The 'object/star' was in the same place as the previous night. It did not appear to have moved at all which ruled out it being a satelite. It also appeared to be in exactly the same place as the night before. I was able to witness this again for several nights but am unable to now as I am back in Victoria and under cloud cover.

I am aware of geostationary satelites but am also aware that these are out at a vast distance and probably not visible to the naked eye.

I would be most grateful if you could advise what I may have seen.

Many thanks

Follow-up Report by Brian Vike:

G'day Brian,

Many thanks for your response. Fascinating! The first time I sighted this was on the night of the 23rd of April then again every night for the following 7 or 8 days. I also looked at this with binoculars and it did appear to be in the same star cluster each time. I am an amateur astronomer, with the emphasis on amatuer. I enjoy looking at the night sky and have made somewhat of an effort to try to understand what I am gazing at. The blinking was just slightly to the North East of the Gemeni constellation (Pollux and Caster). I first observed this when I camped around 15 k's out from Tibooburra towards Camerons Corner. I was by myself and climbed into my swag around 1930 to observe the night sky. For the remaining sightings it would have to be between 1930 and 2200. I am a non drinker and not prone to seeing things. The object at all times did appear to have the same star background...ie it was not moving, and the same time space between each of the blinks.

I hope this is enough for you to further investigate the sighting.

Many thanks

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike for the follow-up.]

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