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Forrestdale, Western Australia

February 3rd 2006

[AUFORN AUSTRALIA] UFO Sighting - Forrestdale Western Australia

Thank you UFOR NSW for passing on this sighting report, we will get Kathryn in WA to follow it up.

Hi Diane,
The other day I'm pretty sure I witnessed a UFO. Upon doing some research on the internet, I found a site [ http://www.ufor.asn.au/pages/links/ffalink/index.php3?cat=ufo ] that instructed to send you an email.

I have called the listed freecall number, but thought I'd email you as well, just to get the details down before I forget them.

1800 hotline call# 5355
Date: 07-02-06
Time: 2.28pm
Place: W.A
Caller: Clint P
Ph: 08 / 04
Message: “please call me”

OK - I was out riding my bike the other day...err, maybe I'll do it this way :

DATE : Friday 3rd February 2006
TIME : approx 7:00 - 7:30 am
WHERE : Southern River / Forrestdale [UBD Perth street directory - map370; Ref L1 to approx map37; ref B 7 ]

Was riding my bicycle along Ranford Road heading south east direciton whaen approx 1-2km before the Tonkin Highway intersection, I noticed something shiny in the sky to my right. I initially thought it was one of those older style helicopters with the clear glass round cockpit, but upon looking again it appeared to be a clear sphere. I then suspected it to be a weather ballon or something, but then looking again, it wasn't moving at all, and I noticed a white light running vertically inside it -kinda like a verticle fluorescent tube but brighter.

I was constantly riding the whole while and continually looking where I was going on the edge of the road and then looking back at it, still trying to decipher how it was suspended there and what it could be ?. I looked down at the road one more time and looked up again to see nothing was there at all . .nothing anywhere ! there was just clear blue sky everywhere with not one cloud to be seen in all directions. I must have taken my eyes off of it for only 5 seconds at best and it was gone. Prior to that, I was continually looking at it whilst riding for about 2-3 minutes -now gone!

I stopped the bike and studied the skies carefully as the only place I hadn't looked was directly above me -still nothing to be seen anywhere!

- I didn't hear a noise or anything.
- As far as distance between me & the object -not sure - it was pretty high but close enough for me to clearly see it was a seemingly perfect clear sphere with a vertical light source right in the centre of it.

- There were cars driving along and I did see another cyclist heading the opposite direction -not sure if anyone would've seen or reported it either.

So it left me wondering still what it was or could've been and how did it absolutely vanish in mere seconds
? I'm guessing a UFO of sorts ?

Regards -
Clint P


Warmest Regards

Diane Harrison/Frola

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