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Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

March 3rd 2006

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UFO Sighting Mermaid Waters Qld

Witnesses: (1) Jenny - partner Scott A
Location of Sighting: Davies Bay jetty, Franskton/Mt eliza, Mornington Peninsular, Vic
Street: Eastern beach
Town-City: Gold Coast Qld
Suburb: Mermaid Waters
Occupation: Highschool cert, AD fashion design
Date: 3 March 2006
Time: 03.00 am
Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
Apparent Size: Very large, orangy star, pingpong ball.
Description: The object moved at incredible speed in all directions as I stated, like a bouncing light or fireflie.
Duration: 25 minutes.
Object Destination: Larger came accross Port Phillip Bay,
Smaller seemed to join regular stars higher and futher away, then we lost sight of it as larger was taking our attention.
Weather: Clear - Cold - Sunny - Wind Calm - Slight mist in middle of bay, crystal clear otherwise.
Viewing Aids: No
Effects Physical: Feeling of objects awarenes of us, investigating us.
Effects Psychological: Slight paranoia on the night.

Its brightness seemed to enhance and diminish sporadically
The 2 appeared to be interacting, the smaller blinking.

It had no reflection over the water.

I believe, with no scientific evididence that it was aware of us and followed us to some extent at a disance.

Observation: My partner and I were fishing at Davies Bay jetty in Frankston/Mt Eliza Vic at around 3am in March 2006.

It was a fairly clear night with some mist over the bay.

We noticed a very large, glowing star very close to the horizon and seemingly near to earth or within the atmosphere, directly accross the bay over the land somewhere heading to geelong. We puzzled over it and commented how unusual it was it was.

About 5 minutes later that we noticed it moving slowly to the right and thought it was maybe actually a helicopter it was then that its movement became much quicker and it shot up much higher in the sky.

It then proceeded to dart around in a fashion best described like that of a fire fly, covering huge distances in incredible speed. It moved unlike any known flying machine, glowing brighter and fading.

It was like a torch light being waved around but with no light path or reflection.

We then noticed a far smaller "star" acting in much the same fashion to the right, this one appeared to be flashing and interacting with the larger.

We were astonished and transixed, the movement was incredible.

After about 20mins watching the display, the larger "star" started coming out accros the bay within seconds it appeared to be halfway accross coming in our direction, I was freaky as it had no reflection on the water.

It was then that I felt slightly spooked out and we left.

But even driving away I could still see it in the rear vision mirror for some way. I felt as if it was aware of our presense and maybe even followed us.

I have since moved to the Gold Coast and have witnessed a similar object twice but not moving in the fashion as this first encounter.


Warmest Regards

Diane Harrison/Frola

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