UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Manly Beach, Sydney, New South Wales

March 29th 2006

Location: Manly Beach (Sydney) I was on holidays.

Date: 29/03/06

Approach Direction: From West to East

Departure Direction: East

Witness Direction: East

Description: I was on the beach at 9:00pm with my girl friend we was mucking around on the beach and i picked her up to through her in the water but as i did a light caught my attention in the sky i looked up and dropped my girlfriend to her feet to show her as it spead across the sky it was a fire ball that i estimate to be about 300 ft round and it appeared to be a fire ball. It shot towards East very quickly about 500 kph and dissappeared about 5 km from were it started. After it dissapeared it left a smokey haze for about 2 seconds. There was a commercial aircraft about 20nm South of it heading towards the object so i think the pilots would of seen it to. This was not a aircraft because i am a Recreational pilot i have a huge interest in planes and i know what they look like in the sky.

Color/Shape: Fire colour, Orange, red, yellowish

Height & Speed: Height about 3000 ft AMSL

TV/Radio/Press: Not that i know of.

[Note: This probable fireball report is included for reference purposes - John @ UFOINFO.]

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