UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

East Keilor, Melbourne, Victoria

July 20th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: East Keilor, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Date: Thursday, 07/20/06. 10:00pm. GMT+10.

Approach Direction: Heading East.

Departure Direction: Heading North-West

Witness Direction: Witnesses pulled over, heading North & South along the Western Ring Road.

Description: Living near Melbourne Airport, we are continually used to identifying aircraft in the area. I was driving home south along the Western Ring Road, when I witnessed 3-4 bright orange lights glowing in the western sky. They immediately raised my suspicion, as they looked totally different to other 'aircraft', i was used to. The three orange lights all moved in triangular formation. They moved east and then turned north-west at a rather slow pace. They continued north-west, and were to fly over my car at approx 1000 feet. I pulled over on the side of the freeway, and realised 5 other cars had stopped to see them also. No shape or structure could be made out. They kept travelling north-west and i started driving again. When i looked back to check again they were gone!

Color/Shape: 3 bright Orange orbs, similar to the brightness of a street light. In a triangular formation.

Height & Speed: Approx 1000 feet, and travelling at a slow pace.

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