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Birriwa, New South Wales

August 7th 2006

NSW Train Drivers Encounter Three UFOs

DATE OF SIGHTING: 07/08/2006
DATE REPORTED: 08/08/2006
NAME: Steve & P


I was driving my Goods train from Dubbo to Gulgong dropping it off for the night. At 6.45 pm we came to a place called Birriwa, which is south east of Dunnidoo.

Map link: http://www.zoomin.com.au/australia/nsw/birriwa/ (Link not working)
(Artist impression by Diane Frola AUFORN)

Map showing location of sighting. Image courtesy of AUFORN

We had just passed through Birriwa leaving the town crossing the highway when we noticed just above the trees three lights one reddish one yellow and one white high up on the tree line, they looked like lights you see on top of towers, you know those reddish warning lights.

I asked my co driver P “have you ever seen them before” . He said no. We kept looking at them trying to workout what they could be. Then to our surprise the lights started to move towards us. I said to P, “those aren't lights on a tower mate.

[Steve said the train was heading south and the objects appeared to have come from the south east in the direction of the Liverpool Ranges.]

Steve said, “The middle light started to move up just above the two other lights. We thought what the heck are they. They can’t be planes as they’re flying far to low around a 100 meters above the ground. When the middle light moved up independent of the other two, that’s when we realized these things were three independent separate objects.

[Diane.... How big were the objects keeping in mind a 1-cent coin will cover a full moon.]

They would have been the size of a 10-cent coin at arms length. One thing I did notice, they didn't fly fast like a plane, they moved slowly like a glider. I was in the RAAF so I know a plane when I see one and these were no planes.

[Diane ......What did you do next.]

I said to P co driver, “these things are heading our way” so we flashed the train’s headlight at them so they were able to see the train was heading down the line in their direction, trying to get their attention.

Then I turned the headlight off for a moments to see if we could see any form to these things like a plane, but no, there appeared nothing solid holding them together, we just had to be sure. I turned the light back on flashed a few times but the three lights kept coming towards us.

When the lights came parallel with the train track ahead of us the three lights passed though the beam of the trains light around 40 meters in front of us. The trains headlight can casts a beam of light approximately 40 or 50 meters.

The objects crossed the track then headed West. We got a really good look at these things as our train wasn't able to move that fast around 40 kilometers as we had a full load and climbing up hill.

[Diane....What happened next.]

All three moved close in formation, one almost behind the other, flying off in a Westerly direction towards Dubbo.

Diane, I’ve heard the other drivers talk about these things but I never thought I would be luck enough to have this experience.

[Steve will submitting a drawing via email]

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