UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Ryde, Sydney, New South Wales

September 1st 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Ryde, Sydney Australia

Date: 09/01/06 at 1945 hours. Sydney time

Approach Direction: Object travelling in North Westerly direction.

Departure Direction: North Westerly direction

Witness Direction: Facing North

Description: At approximately 7:45 pm I was driving home in my car and looked up before I was turning my car onto Victoria Rd, I noticed a saucer shaped object which was approx 500 metres above me. It was about 10cm in size and part of the underside of the craft was illumined and looked like a television screen with a revolving pattern of coloured lights. I remember the colours as a blend of blue, red and white. The lighted part of the object appeared to be the front of the craft as this was the direction in which the object was travelling. The object was travelling at approximately half the speed of an aeroplane and moved slowly towards what would be the Western suburbs of Sydney. I am amazed that there have not been any other reports from other people in Sydney who must have seen this object whatever it was. As the craft moved further away, it appeared as a football shape with the front lights still clearly visible. The sighting lasted 10-15 minutes and it continued in the same direction throughout the sighting.

Color/Shape: Only the bottom front part of the object was illumined. The rest of the object was visible as a grey outline. The top of the object had white lights in a circular ring.

Height & Speed: The size of the object, I estimate to be 100 metres (four plane lenghts) and it's height approximately 25 metres. For an object this size the speed was slow- half the speed of an average aircraft.

TV/Radio/Press: To my knowlege this object was not reported by anyone in Sydney.

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