UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Westmead, Sydney, New South Wales

October 1st 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Westmead, Caroline Street. Sydney.

Date: 01 October 2006.7:15 PM (local sydney time)

Approach Direction: South Easterly

Departure Direction: Westerly

Witness Direction: South Easterly

Description: Dear Friends,

I am a South Asian guy living with my elder brothers family close to the Westmead Childrens hospital. We believe we just saw a UFO over the skies around Westmead in NSW..

We live on a top floor apartment of 3 story building and was watching the NRL final. My brother saw this slow moving horizontal flame(orange color) from our living room around 7:15...He called me and others to watch the phenomenon. (There was no sound. The original size of this flame was about 2 footballs. Similar to the shape of Haley's Comet appeared in 90's). It was like a burning plane. It continued for 5 seconds then disappeared for a second or two then came back to last another 2 seconds. Then the flame became the size of a star with a red glove which continue on the same path at the same speed in a circle. It came from the direction of Parramatta park. (It is on the same path as Take offs from Sydney Airport)(http://maps.google.com/) and parallel to Railway parade. Then it went around Westmead Hospital to form a large circle and stopped before disappering. But we kept watching and it was last seen moving towards Westerly direction at a very rapid speed. All this was happened during 15 minutes and sky was busy with some air traffic. There was one Quantas jet which was going to land at Sydney around 7:30 PM and this object crosses its path when it was moving towards North Westerly direction. The pilots of some of the planes must have seen something. The flame lights up the sky and it is no way an Army Night Vision flash or anything similar. I am sure many might have seen the initial flame atleast.


Color/Shape: Initially it was orange color. Then it became Redish and small.

Height & Speed: Last seen speed was perhaps 10 times faster than a jet. (May be around 5000km/h)

TV/Radio/Press: Not yet.

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