UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Mount Pritchard, Sydney, New South Wales

October 1st 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Mount Pritchard, Sydney NSW Australia

Date: 10/1/06 7:06pm

Approach Direction: East

Departure Direction: West

Witness Direction: East

Description: Coming home from an outing. My wife and i saw an object that looked like a meteorite burning up in the atmosphere. We both watched the orange glow of what i thought was a flame. It burned from the left side of the sky to the right side declining slowly. The object burned up and as i continued to look i thought the object would dissapear. It didnt. The object stopped burning for a minute and then it glowed up orange again for a few more seconds. All we could see was an object to dark to distinguish in the sky but had a faint dim light. The object then started to move like a plane across the sky heading west would towards the blue mountains. I watched it as far as i could see it. And lost site as it got further away. I checked for any sky activities on the web and there wasnt any scheduled re entries of any space craft. But who is to say it wasnt a military exercise. But i would want to believe it wasnt.

Color/Shape: Couldnt make out a shape or color. Just a dim white light.

Height & Speed: Not sure. Could of been pretty high in the upper atmosphere or it could of been close. I couldnt here any noise or anything unusual happenings.

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