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Salisbury North, Adelaide, South Australia

November 29th 2006

UFO Report from AUFORNs Online report form
Sighting received 29.11.2006 23:52:15

Witnesses: (1) Mr. John S
Street: Waterloo corner road
Town-City: Adelaide
Suburb: Salisbury North, SA, 5180

Location of Sighting
Location: I was in my backyard
Street: Waterloo corner road.
Town-City: Adelaide.
Suburb: Salisbury North.
Occupation: Retired.
Date: 29 November 2006.
Time: 12:05 am
Duration of sighting: approximately 5 minutes.
Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time.

Apparent Size: It was huge, possibly hundreds of feet long and wide.
Objects origin: It flew toward my place from a north westerly direction .
Objects destination: It flew away to the South East
Moon visible: It was a little more than half a moon at about thirty degrees in the sky towards the west at normal brightness.
Moon size comparison: The object was huge compared to the moon.
The half moon was about three times the size of the smaller white lights on the object.
Planets visible: The sky was quite clear the big dipper and plenty of major star group clearly visible.
Weather visibility: Clear
Weather temp: Pleasant
Weather wind: Calm
Weather comments: It was very quiet with no traffic noise
Viewing aids: binoculars
Effects physical: I actually felt a little shaken and awe struck by what I saw.
Effects psychological: I could not sleep all night because I realised what I saw was a very very large craft that was not of this earth. I told my wife in the morning what I saw and exspected to hear a news report in the morning believing many other people must have seen the object. The day passed without mention in the media. I HAVE NO DOUBT HOWEVER MANY PEOPLE MUST HAVE SEEN IT.
Effects other: A lot of dogs barked in the area as the object passed by. Other experiences: No I am 55 years of age and have never seen anything unusual before. My father was in the Air Force for many years and i have lived near air bases all of my life. I am very familiar with aircraft helicopters etc and there appearance in operational flight. What I saw was so large and strange in visual appearance it defies a really accurate description.

Description: Huge black triangular craft with slowly pulsing white light at each point and much larger reddish/amber light in the centre that looked hot. Very large and flat looking and completely silent. The most incredible thing to me was how slowly it was flying it just seemed like it was gliding.

Observation: At midnight I went to my backyard to put out rubbish bins for the morning collection. I noticed a reddish/amber ball of light above the trees to the North west that seemed stationary. I went into my home obtaining binoculars to have a better look. When I viewed through the binoculars I saw a shaft of soft white light emanate from the reddish ball of light then it happened again. The white light beam was the same width throughout its height and nothing like a searchlight from a helicopter.

This struck me as very odd. After about ten seconds the object seemed to be moving very slowly in the direction of my home. As it neared I could see a very faint white glow much wider than the ball of light either side of it and two pulsing small white lights at the edge of the glowing area at the edges of the glow.

The object moved very slowly toward me until i could see it was a very large black triangular craft. I saw as it came near that there were actually three white light at each point of the triangle and the reddish/amber light was in the middle of the tringles underbelly. As it passed overhead i looked just with my eyes and the reddish/ amber light seemed to shimmer like a you see a heat haze in the desert while the white lights faded in and out in a pulsing glow.

I realised then it made no sound and was blocking out large areas of stars as it passed. It was unbelievably huge I would estimate hundreds of feet long and wide. I felt a bit amazed because of its size its very low speed and the fact it was gliding silently through the sky. As it passed many dogs in the area were barking until it started to fly away. As it flew on into the distance many small sparkles of white light emanated from the rear edge for a few seconds, my view of the object was blocked by a tree in the neighbours yard..


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