UFO Sighting Report - Australia

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Melbourne, Victoria

November 30th 2006

UFO Report from AUFORNs Online report form

Sighting received 30.11.2006 02:33:50

Witnesses: (3) Mr Lee
Street: no
Town-City: Melbourne
Suburb: Coburg, Vic, 3058

Location of Sighting
Location: Coburg
Street: ?
Town-City: Melbourne
Suburb: Coburn Victoria
Occupation: Student
Date: 30 November 2006
Time: 23:40 pm
Duration: 2 min
Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
Apparent Size: Tennis Ball
Actual Size: My estimation at least 20 - 30 metres in diameter

Description: No sounds it was hovering low with a bright pink light then it just disappeared instantly, it was a UFO.

Observation: I was having a fresh breath before going to bed outside my house in the lawn then I looked up into the sky. Suddenly there were two object flying in pararell formation equeal distance from each other about a few miles (cannot give an exact count). Their flying paths did not resemble any commercial jets or satellites whatsoever looked to me like a ghost trembling over the sky and those eery figures made me scared a little bit.

I then rushed into my room and grabbed my mobile trying to get images and videos down. It was a little bit difficult to catch and unfortunately the video recording function did not work well at that time I barely got 3 picture which are too fuzzy to recognise. About 2 or 3 minutes later the object on the right hand side suddenly disappeared (lighting lost), and within few seconds the one on the left hand side disappeared in the same fashion. My action of pointing mobile phone to sky certainly drew attentions, 3 people passing by also witnessed partly (they ran over to the little bump in the park on the opposite side of the road, just to catch a better view).

Description: Those two objects are completely silent, their movement somehow looked like as if we were driving on a hot summer day on highways and everything afar looked so wavy and blurry. The actually movement is like a snake crawling and within a very small range of area.

The light on those two objects were very stationary it was a very soft and dimly lit orange-ish lights and seemed to me that there is a small fraction of indigo-like colour in it. There were 3 witnessed to this event, I briefly indicated to them where to look and they ran over cross the road to catch a better view. As it finished they walked away it seemed they were excited and interested in it.

The altitude of the 2 objects I would say they flew above normal cruising altitude but not exceedingly high flying pararell not sure I can say they had a destination but they wandered in an area about 4-7 km in diameter, and dissapeared by shutting off the light. The moon was far behind them not illuminating that part of the sky where the UFOs occurred.

Moon Size Comparison: About 10th of fraction to the moon with 2 bright stars and few dim stars are visible a few clouds.


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