UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Northern suburbs, Adelaide, South Australia

January 11th/12th/14th 2007

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Northern suburbs, Adelaide approx 15 minutes from Adelaide City, South Australia

Date: 01/11,12,14/2007

Approach Direction: West to easterly direction

Departure Direction: North westerly

Witness Direction: North

Description: On the 11th January my boyfriends dad was outside having a cigarette at approx 11:10pm when he yelled out for my boyfriend as he saw a satellite moving across Orions belt or what we call the saucepan in a westerly direction and then they saw a large boomerang shaped 'craft' flying over head silent with no lights - they yelled out for me but I missed it and was somewhat disappointed.

The 12th we decided to see if it came again so waited outside early at around 9:30pm and at approx 10:35pm we saw what we thought to be another satellite cross westerly through Orions belt and then shortly after that the triangular boomerang grey/black object flew across it appeared to be on its side banking but did not actually turn and then appeared to vanish

We waited again on the 13th from 9pm but there was too much cloud cover and gave up at approx 11:30pm

14th at 9:50pm I witnessed the satellite go westerly through Orions belt and seem to stop and then reappear out of star to the left of the belt and continue then disappear and within a minute or 2 the triangular boomerang object flew straight over the top of us - I tried to view it though binoculars but they were too small but it appeared to be a dark grey & dull.

We had a theory that perhaps it is something they are testing like a spy drone but they are only small (about 2½ metres) and the object is up so high as there is no sound and it goes past at a fast rate. When I extend my arm and turn my hand inwards so its on its side & palm facing outwards the triangular object is slightly larger then my hand width ways.

**Just for the record I'm over 25 do not smoke pot nor was drunk at the time of these sightings

Color/Shape: Triangular or boomerang shaped object dark dull grey metallic??

Height & Speed: 5-10secs visability seems to appear shortly after 'satelite' through Orions belt found picture similar to object on http://www.rense.com/general36/v.htm

TV/Radio/Press: Nothing I'm sorry

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