UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Sunnyholt Road, towards Blacktown, New South Wales

January 18th 2007

UFOINFO E-mail Report

I have came across your site about sighting of UFO, which reinforced my belief of what I saw would class as an UFO. The following post is what I wrote on my blog about the event, please let me know if you need further details.

Update (19 Jan 07)

I’ve heard the term ‘UFO’ countless times but never bothered to think about of the claim of its existence, to me it was nothing more than some farfetched fable for magazines and tabloids.

As I predicted, people wore a big smile and grinned when they listened to my tales of an UFO sighting, not many would have believed me, most would think that I’m too bored to dream up some story seeking attention, but after witness it, I must say that I’m now convinced that there is such thing as an Unidentified Flying Object.

It was at about 10pm Thursday (18 Jan) as I was traveling south bound towards Blacktown on Sunnyholt road, after passing the exit of M7 the road came to the top of a small hill. Directly ahead of me within 1 Km distance, there was this ‘thing’ flying, or hanging to be more exact, in the sky may be about 100 meters above the ground. (I’m now having trouble estimating the altitude at which it was traveling/hanging. Initially it appeared so low, maybe due to its massive appearance, it looked quite low, but think again, it must have been at least 100 meters above ground, or perhaps even more). It had no wings of any sort, and no attached ‘external parts’ on what appears to be a perfectly enclosed metallic look body. I thought it was a hot air balloon initially, but its shape was not remotely close. Rather symmetrical, it didn’t have an oval shape, more like 2 dish plate locked together, and had rather defined edges. At the bottom of this ‘thing’, there were yellowish, bluish light blended with a hint of red emitted.

After attending a sporting match, I happened to have my camera with me, so I thought of stop my bike to take a snap of this thing. I hesitated to stop in the middle of the main road to take a picture so I turned into the closest side street where I found the residential buildings and trees blocked much of the vision. I turned back on to the main road, then spent what felt like a few minutes trying to find it, it was no longer there. I eventually found it was so far away that it almost diminished out of sight, I believe it had traveled for at least up to 10km away in such a short space of time.

First thing when I came home to do was to google for UFO sightings in Australia, and found a large number of hits. One of the witness recount of a sighting on 17 Jan at Mabroubra paint a similar picture of what I have seen. With a bit of shock, I’m now a firm believer of UFO’s existence… Now I wonder what’s with those ‘Alien abductions’, imagine if it was reported that a bike was found stopped by the side of the road with its engine still on, a camera dropped on the ground and a travel bag is still mounted on the rack of the bike. The owner of the bike wasn’t there, the camera showed an image of night sky

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