UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Canberra, ACT

January 26th 2007

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Canberra, ACT

Date: 26/01/2007 approx 2100hrs local time

Approach Direction: From NNE (nornoreast)

Departure Direction: Toward the south

Witness Direction: looking up to the NNE

Description: At approximately 9pm on the 26th January 2007 (Australia Day) from my backyard I looked up toward the north north east sky and saw a large orange spherical object moving at the pace of an airoplane across the sky toward the south and coming overhead. The size is hard to give as a diameter considering it is proportionate to distance however it looked around eight times bigger than a large close planet would look. The moon was present in cresent shape more toward NNW. The sky was quite clear.

I have seen something like this before in Lismore about seven years ago and my first thought was this was the second time in my life I have seen this type of UFO (though the colour was different). I had enough time to call out to my neighbors and get them to also witness it. As it got closer I saw lights on top of the orange sphere. A lean rectangle shaped light was on top of the glowing orange sphere. The rectangular light was blue on one half and a different colour (which I really cant seem to recall) on the other half. When I saw these top lights within a small rectangular shape I became fairly sure that this was not a meteorite. The sphere then stopped got smaller by a third quickly then smaller again by a half quickly then seemed to turn into the size of a small star. I could not distinguish it further.

The object had been so big and so obvious I was sure it would be in the paper the next day (as was the object I saw in Lismore). I have found no mention of it in the press.

I am familiar with the night sky and the effects of slight mist on planes etc however this was definately not a plane or jet.

I have seen UFO's before and my first reaction is oddly to not care. When I saw this I just wanted to go inside or not particularly notice but I got myself to stay and watch. I am amazed noone else noticed it that night.

The one in Lismore that was somewhat like this was a very unique colour which I will never forget. At that time I went to get a coffee to watch it and later that morning I realised the coffee took two hours to make and that I had lost time. This time I went immediately back into the house to check the time and time had passed as normal.

I am writing this in case others saw it and feel frustrated that noone else has confirmed their sighting.

Color/Shape: Orange sphere with a small rectangular light on top half blue and half another colour.

Height & Speed: Approx eight times bigger than a large close planet would look to be and approaching about the speed of a plane then stopping (see details above)

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