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Kingswood Park, Sydney, New South Wales

February 4th 2007

UFO Sighting Kingswood Park Sydney NSW

Name: Mr. Dean & Kim

Location: Sydney, Kingswood Park NSW

Occupation: Maintenance manager

Sighting Date: 4 February 2007

Day: Sunday

Sighting Time: 4.02 am

Sighting Duration: less than 5 minutes

Direction: First heading north then changing direction to West

Description: Colour changed when it slowed it became brighter

Apparent Size Other: 20/30mtrs long 5/10mtrs wide

Actual Size: Under 100mtrs very close

Altitude: First heading true North then turning on a heading due West

Object Origin: It disappered West

Moon Visible: n/a

Planets Visible: Light cloud very mild wind calm

Weather Temp: Mild - Sky = Cloudy - Wind = Calm

Viewing Aids: n/a - Physical Effects = no

Effects Other: For a few weeks after every couple of hours I would recall the sighting over and over but now I am okay.

Effects Other Witnesses: I my wife is now a believer as before she was a disbeliever. I think she is shittig herself now but shes ok.

Other Experiences: One time approximately a year ago we both saw something a fair distance away but I wasn't convinced, but now I'm sure.

Observation: Hi guys on sunday morning the 4/02/07 I woke up and got myself a glass of water as I stood looking out my kitchen window I noticed a light approching my direction heading north. As it got nearer I could plainly see it was cigar in shape approx20/30 meters in length and around 5/10 meters wide it was the most unusall bright yellow in colour almost as though it was on fire changing to almost a white colour. I ran into our room and woke up my wife. We both ran back out to the kitchen and watched it move very slowly around 20/40kms per hour and around 10 meters above the roof tops of the neighbours houses in the next street over. At one time it was as close as 100 meters from us.There was a very unconfortable silence it made no sound.

The time was 4.02 a.m and the whole thing was over in under 5 minutes as it disappeared out of view behind houses and bush. I have once seen something like this before but a lot higher up which kind of did not concern me like this thing has.

I will tell you this much it was not a comet nor a weather ballon WE KNOW WHAT IT WAS after seeing one before I never thought I would see another again but not just me this time theres two people who have witnesed the same thing with no answers apart from the obvious one.

We are going to invest in a decent video camera might just get lucky. Please feel free to contact myself or my wife if you need any more info on this event.

Regards Dean and Kim

Thank you Dean & Kim for this Sighting report


Warmest Regards

Diane Harrison/Frola

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