UFO Sighting Report - Australia

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Rowville, Victoria

March 4th 2007

AUFORN Sighting Report

Name: Mr. Ben M
Location: Rowville Vic
Occupation: Apprentice Mechanic
Other Witnesses: No witness, I just dropped my friend off.
Other Experiences: I wish, it was awsome to see something like this.
Sighting Date: 4th March 2007.
Day: Sunday.
Sighting Time: 1.00 p.m
Sighting Duration: 10 seconds.
Direction: North to North West
Description: The shape did not change, the movement as stated before went from the right side of the dandenongs to the left and slowly drifting downwards out of my sight because of the distance. One thing I noticed about it the most, is that it moved so freely like there was nothing obstructing it like wind or anything.

Number of Objects: 2
Apparent Size Other: Tennis Ball.
Actual Size: Well I was in Rowville facing the Dandenongs so it is hard to measure, but I could see it clearly so I would say it was rather large.its really hard to measure in my head.
Altitude: Started about 50 70 meters in the sky (middle part of the dandenong mountains), very hard to measure.
Object Origin: The lower part of the dandenong mountains, so rather low and on the right side of the mountains relative to where I was, Rowville.
Object Destination: The left side below the mountain where i could no longer see because of close by trees.
Moon Visible: No moon visible at time, it was during the day.
Moon Size Comparison: Well tonight its a full moon which is huge right now so comparing wouldn't help.
Planets Visible: No
Weather Temp: Warm - Sky Cloudy - Wind Calm.
Weather Comments: Nothing blocked my view of the mountains.
Viewing Aids: Binoculars.
Effects Physical: Nope only that I didn't think much of it after it happened even though it was very significant.
Effects Psychological: I still find it weird that after I CLEARLY saw it I just drove on and then I stopped thinking about it and kept on practising heel toe in my car.

Observation: I was in my car in Rowville leaving a mates place after dropping him off. I was on a road (fairway dr) pointing towards the dandenongs, as I was heading towards the the next corner I noticed a round silver object on the right side of the Dandenong Mountains. The object was way below the top of the mountain (my guess 50 meters in the sky). At the corner I stopped and watched the object float from the right side of the mountain downwards accross the mountain to the left untill it dropped below my view. My hope is that someone else saw this, I don't know how they couldn't have. So please email any information on this if you find it.

If you noticed anything Ben would like to here from you and so would we.
You can contact Ben Via AUFORN.


Warmest Regards

Diane Harrison/Frola

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