UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Canberra, ACT

March 11th 2007

Location: Canberra ACT Australia

Date: March 11th 2007 2145 hrs local date/time

Approach Direction: Trav N NW gaining altitude

Departure Direction: N NW

Witness Direction: North West

Description: I was looking up at the night sky which was amazingly clear and cloud-free and noticed a far away white light moving upwards. It was only visible for a couple of seconds and vanished.

Then a second or two later a little to the right a white light glowed, grew larger and larger and then disappeared. It was the type of light I would expect to see if it was a comet coming directly towards me, therefore no trail ... but it got me excited enough to stay outside for the next half hour while the kids put themselves to bed!

Color/Shape: The first sighting was a tiny white light moving upwards and fading away. It was only visible for a couple of seconds. It was about a 45 degree angle and travelled upwards to say 50 degrees over a second or two before disappearing.

The second white light started as a pinprick and exploded into a white ball about half the size of a one cent piece (if you held the coin in your hand at arms length). It was only there for a second or so.

Height & Speed: NW 45 degrees up.

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