UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

New Farm, Brisbane, Queensland

March 11th 2007

[Note: Same as the report sent to UFOINFO]

UFO Sighting New Farm Brisbane Qld

Name: ?
Location: Sydney Street New Farm Brisbane
Occupation: ?
Date reported: 19th March 2007
Sighting Date: 11th March 2007
Day: Sunday
Sighting Time: 2.30 am
Sighting Duration: 2 minutes
Direction: South East
Description: 2 Bright orange lights, Stationery until one began moving slowly
Apparent Size Other: no idea,they looked very high in the sky
Actual Size: Star
Altitude: Very High
Object Origin: South East
Moon Visible: Yes, I think it was in the northern part of the sky.
Moon Size Comparison: Tiny, star size but not shimmering like a star.
Planets Visible: Light cloud very mild wind calm
Weather & Temp: Clear, Pleasant, cloudy & Breezy
Viewing Aids: no
Physical Effect: none
Effects Other: no
Other Witnesses: no
Other Experiences: no

Observation: I went out onto my friends balcony in New Farm Brisbane to have a ciggarette at aprox.2.30 am and being someone who loves the night sky I looked up and saw two bright orange light s in the sky that were not moving at first one higher than the other, the lower one began to move lower at a very slow rate while the other stayed stationery At this point a cloud passed over the objects and when it passed they were both gone.

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