UFO Sighting Report - Australia

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Camp Mountain, Queensland

March 16th 2007

UFO Sighting Camp Mountain Qld

Name: David
Location: from home - Camp Mountain
Occupation: Telecommunications Engineer (retired)
Qualifications: Diploma of Communications Engineering R.M.I.T
Date reported: 17th March 2007
Sighting Date: 16th March 2007
Day: Friday
Sighting Time: 9.45 p.m
Sighting Duration: 5 minutes
Direction: First heading north then changing direction to West

Description: Sound as the object passed directly overhead was like a low level humming. The sound was much quieter than a low flying jet aircraft.
Apparent Size Other: At first V large star, increasing greatly as it approached.
Actual Size: Size of a very large aircraft like a jumbo jet, but appeared to be roughly circular, as it passed almost directly overhead.
Altitude: Several thousand feet.
Object Origin: Was stationary in north western sky for some minutes, then came directly towards us and flew almost overhead.
Object Destination: Disappeared into the south east behind trees.
Moon Visible: No I didn't notice the moon.
Planets Visible: Yes many, visibility was good.
Weather & Temp: Clear warm and clam
Viewing Aids: No
Physical Effects: No
Effects Other: No
Other Witnesses: Just my wife and I were present.
Other Experiences: No

Observation: While we were watching TV, my wife observed a very bright stationary orange light in the sky through the front window. She later said she observed it for about two minutes, but at first said nothing, then asked me to go outside with her to observe it. At the front of the house we both observed the light, still stationary in the north western sky, at an elevation of about 20 degrees above the horizon. After a minute or two the light suddenly brightened and began to move towards us growing brighter and brighter, and as it came closer more lights on the underside of the object became visible. They were red, green and orange and some were flashing. The trajectory took the object almost directly overhead. The very dim outline, was discern-able from the numerous lights on it, and was roughly circular. It moved steadily in a straight line more slowly than a jet aircraft.

Bright flashes of orange could still be seen through the tall trees as it disappeared into the south east. The flashes were regular about 50% on and 50% off, at about two flashes per second. Smaller red and green lights also were flashing on the underside of the craft, similar to aircraft navigation lights.

Had it not been for the object having remained completely stationary in the sky for several minutes before suddenly beginning to move towards us, I may have thought it was some conventional aircraft, although the number and brightness of the lights was far in excess of the normal aircraft navigation lights. There is an aircraft flight path along the track it followed, but this was not like any aircraft I have seen before.


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