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Mission Beach, Queensland

April 3rd 2007

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UFO Sighting South Mission Beach Qld

Witnesses: (3) Mr L. M - my son and my daughter.
Location of Sighting: Lindsay road which branches off the Tully-Mission Beach road which branches off the Bruce Hwy.
Town-City: Mission Beach Qld.
Suburb: North Queensland.
Occupation: Science, Maths, Biology teacher.
Qualifications: BSc. Grad.Dip.T. Grad.Dip.Ed(teacher-librarianship)
Date: 3 April 2007.
Time: 8.00ish p.m
Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time.
Apparent Size: Large Star
Actual Size: Since I have no idea of the object's altitude I cannot estimate its size. All I can say it that if it was an aeroplane of some description then the light was exceptionally bright and large - but that's only compared to a passenger aeroplane.
Altitude: Passenger jet cruising altitude if it was plane-sized but see above.
Description: Not really, it got a bit larger and brighter as it passed overhead and then smaller as it moved away.
Duration: 3 - 4 minutes.
Object Origin: Appeared in the West.
Object Destination: Disappeared in the East having crossed overhead.
Weather: Warm - Sunny - Wind Breezy.
Viewing Aids: No
Planets Visible: Constellation Orion was visible.
Effects Physical: No
Effects Psychological: No, apart from curiosity. My son and I wondered what military aircraft may have been travelling that way at the time.

Observation: I was looking at the stars in the West above Mount Mackay and noticed one that seemed to be moving. It moved from West to East but in more of a straight line than the arc of star movements. It took 3-4 minutes to move across the sky and blink out in the West. This is not a usual aeroplane flightpath, it did not have green and red lights like an aeroplane and there was no noise.

My son and I wondered if it was some kind of military aircraft as it moved so fast. There was no noise, as I said, that was the really weird thing and I've never seen a satellite pass by on that trajectory, in that direction, moving that fast before and we have lived here for over 12 years.


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