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Morwell, Victoria

April 28th 2007

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Date posted: 30th April 2007 9:46:16 PM

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Name: Samantha xxxx
Town-City: Morwell, VIC, Australia
Occupation: Full time mum
Sighting Date: 28th - April - 2007
Sighting Time: aprox 23:00hrs
Sighting TimeZone: Eastern Standard Time
Sighting Duration: aprox 7 mins

Observation: I noticed dogs barking outside but paid not alot of attention to this. I was spending time with my ex working through marital dramas, he was over the road at a mates playing pool I was watching the kids as they were asleep. My ex came racing inside telling me "to hurry and come see this, hurry."

I Went outside and he pointed to a orange object in the sky then over to another bigger one they made no noise and at first were not moving or flashing at all. Both objects looked the same and one apeared to be smaller as it looked alot higher up. The Larger one moved smoothly through the sky to the other one and then they decended upwards and faded until invisible to the human eye.

Other people witnesed the event and some got it one mobile phones and sent it to you tube on the net. We tried to get it on video but couldnt see them on the video camera well enough as we had no night time viewing experience.

Description: they were orange in colour , no sounds at all, no flashing of and on or colour changes.

Other Witnesses: Mr Adrian xxx he would know the names of the others that witnessed it too.

Apparent Size Other: one was around the size of a tennis ball the other was pea sized.
Actual Size: My guess is if they were not up in the sky so high around about the size of a school footy oval. Thats just a guess as its hard to tell the real distance between us and them.
Altitude: totally unsure on that it was very hard to tell.
Object Origin: from a North Easterly direction then then to through to a Westerly direction. Then they stopped and appeared to vanish upwards into nothing.
Object Destination: they seemed to vanish straight up after moving toward the west.
Moon Visible: yes the moon was visible and appeared to be of normal brightness.
Moon Size Comparison: The big one was around 1/4 of the moon the smaller one resembled.
Planets Visible: Yes the moon was visible most of the time and normal stars when the fog wasnt obstructing the view.
Weather Visibility: Foggy
Weather Wind: Breezy
Weather Comments: foggy patches...breezy higher up as fog patches were passing up high
Viewing Aids: kids across the road got it on there mobile and sent it to Youtube
Effects Physical: No
Effects Psychological: Just excited to see such an event as I wouldnt have beleived it if I hadnt seen it for myself.
Effects Other: Dogs barking
Effects Other Witnesses: Just excitement over witnessing this event.
Trying to guess a logical explanation in which none of us could come up with.
Other Experiences: I have in the past seen lights I have been unsure of but nothing ever as prominent and as visible as this.

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