UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Melton/Bacchus Marsh area, Victoria : June 20th 2007

Traralgon, Victoria : June 15th 2007

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Melton/Bacchus Marsh area Victoria and Traralgon Victoria Australia

Date: 20th June 2007 around 8:30pm eastern, temperature 20th june - around 7 degrees
  Traralgon sighting Friday 15th June 11:30/40pm around 7 degrees and foggy

Approach Direction: Looping hovering in the air like a number of spotlights with no beams

Departure Direction: a number of lights sometimes 3-4 that would break up in small groups hovering over Bacchus Marsh area 20th june 2007. Helecopters following with searchlights. Traralgon sighting much the same only shadows instead of lights moveing ubove the cloudy mist. foggy nights no beams to indicate spotlights.

Witness Direction: Towards Melbourne City - 20th june.

Description: 20th June 2007. a number of lights ubove the clouds circulateing eachother in clockwise and anticlockwise direction. V like in shape glowing brighter and brighter. 4/5 helicopters with searchlights flew in the direction one flying into it. The lights dissapeared as the clouds did. THERE IS NO WAY TO EXPLAIN THIS! they were growing larger and brighter and moveing faster and faster and a number of smaller lights began to appear all u p there were around 8 but its hard to say for sure. I sore it first and then boyfriend witnessed it. it was there for around 15 mins before the clouds faded out.

Traralgon 15th June 2007 around mid 11pm a shadow above the clouds moveing backwards and forwards like a shadow of a waveing leaf from a tree on the wall. There was only 1 lights. i sore it from the corner of my eye and boyfriend in the car also sore it. it appeared on the same left side of the car in the sky as the 20th of june sighting and headed in the same direction on the princess hwy along the caravan park.

Color/Shape: the shadows shape was hard to discrbe but it was swinging from side to side of one cloud definatley slow enough to be a hover - 15th June.

The lights were oval shaped and dull at first then they began to grow into V shapes and streatched and broke off into smaller lights before they grew VERY BRIGHT.

Height & Speed: shadow in the Traralgon sky... 6 mins not sure of the speed aprox.

lights swinging like the shadow - 20th june bacchus marsh.

TV/Radio/Press: ..I would be surprised if they are not! As I cannot see how nobody else would have seen it other than us. Another party was informed via txt msg. There were helicopters at least 4/5 of them headed towards the lights.

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