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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

July 7th 2007

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Date posted: 7th July 2007 8:01:11 PM

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Name: Mr Jamie xxxxxx
Town-City: Canberra, ACT, Australia
Occupation: student
Sighting Date: 7th - July - 2007
Sighting Time: 18.00hrs
Sighting TimeZone: Eastern Standard Time
Sighting Duration: 50 seconds

Observation: My brother and I were working out in the garage (the door of which faces south) when I went out of the garage to take a quick break,and i lazily turned my eyes to the sky. At first glance, I saw what I believed to be three jets. I called my brother out, saying something like; "have a look at this, three jets in the sky". As my brother approached, I began to realise four things, the first being that it had no contrail ( not a terribly odd thing in itself), the second being that the other two jets appeared to be in pursuit of the 'jet', the third being that this aircraft had two spikes at either end, and the forth was that this craft had a series of blinking lights. As my brother approached, I cried out "Tim, it's a goddamned UFO!". I am a member of many different UFO organisations, and am very familiar with ufo's and cryptozoology, and have never seen a UFO before. The UFO was travelling very high, and at one point, it travelled directly up, and all it's movements were sharp and angular.

Description: There was no sounds with the UFO, but there were flashing lights, and its shape was a cigar shape, with two spikes either end. the lights where a blue colour, and of an unnatural intensity. It appeared to be black and had no noticible panneling. It had the ability to travel vertically, and hover. It could not have been a chinook helicopter, as it was well above its operative ceiling.

Location: Canberra.

Other Witnesses: My brother Timothy, who lives at the same place as me, he will testify to these statements.
Apparent Size: Dinner Plate
Apparent Size Other: Like a cigar
Actual Size: It looked about as big as a football field, but it was incredibly high up.
Altitude: It appeared to be up very, very high, high enough to follow the curve of the earth
Object Origin: It travelled horizontally, then vertically, then horizontally again, until it rose out of sight.
Object Destination: It dissapeared from view, having risen into the atmosphere
Moon Visible: No, I could not see the moon.
Moon Size Comparison: I could not see the moon
Planets Visible: Yes, venus was visible
Weather: Visibility, Clear - Temp, Cold - Sky, Cloudy - Wind, Calm
Weather Comments: There were clouds to the left of the craft
Effects Psychological: I felt tired, woozy and light headed. I believe these were caused by the ufo, but am unsure as to how these occured
Effects Other: The sun seemed oddly dim for the time.
Effects Other Witnesses: My brother appeared woozy.


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