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Auburn, South Australia

July 10th 2007

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Date posted: 10th July 2007 8:20:14 PM

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Name: Lindsay xxxxx
Town-City: Auburn, South Australia
Occupation: Maintenance Fitter
Sighting Date: 1st - July - 2007
Sighting Time: 18.30hrs
Sighting Time-Zone: Central Standard Time
Sighting Duration: 10 minutes +

Observation: Driving into Auburn from Balaklava with my two sons (19yrs & 21yrs) just after dark. Noticed two orange lights, one near the moon (which was just coming over the hills and nearly full) and the other over the town of Auburn, both separated by about 40 degrees horizontally.

Descending into the town I asked my eldest son if he thought that the light might be on a telecom tower or something, but he had no idea. As we got right into the town we could see that the light was too high for a tower so I stopped the car to take a better look. We could see that the light was moving behind the power lines and trees etc. It was very close to being directly over the town and had the color and appearance of an orange street light a about 200 meters (normally viewed). We continued through the town and at about 2 km the other-side of Auburn we stopped again and had another look (we hadn't lost sight of it since before Auburn) it was traveling slower than the speed of a light aircraft. It was originally traveling approx. ENE and changed it's course to NNE which would have it traveling toward the town of Burra about 80 km away. I had lost sight of the second light when in Auburn it was obviously further ahead (in direction of travel) than the other one. We kept an eye on the light as we travelled but eventually lost sight of it due to the hilly terrain we were traveling through. I never saw the second light again. Neither light had any form other than a bright orange ball, neither light flashed or pulsed or had any other color light, or sound associated with it. Very spooky and kind of surreal.

Description: No

Location: Auburn South Australia

Other Witnesses: Michael, Scott.
Apparent Size: Equal to an orange street light at approx. 200 meters, much brighter than stars.
Actual Size: Perhaps the size of a small aircraft 6-10 meters.
Altitude: Within 500 meters
Object Origin: Appeared above the town
Object Destination: Northern Horizon
Moon Visible: The moon was pretty full and had only just risen above the hills, in the east. Maybe 15 degrees above our horizon (hills)
Moon Size Comparison: Less than quarter size.
Planets Visible: Perfectly clear skies, stars visible and surrounding terrain due to full moon.
Weathe: Visibility, Clear - Temp, Cold - Sky, Sunny - Wind, Calm
Effects Physical: No effects
Effects Psychological: No, just amazement, quite peaceful and happy to experience the object just slowly drifting over the valley between the hills. Reassured that we are not alone.
Effects Other: No
Effects Other Witnesses: No, my son's are very open minded and were just amazed like I was.
Other Experiences: Many actually. Have been a fox shooter for many years (not professional) with my son's, I have witnessed very similar sightings and some other types also. But only lights in the sky not contact etc.

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Diane Harrison/Frola

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