UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Parkinson, Brisbane, Queensland

September 4th 2007

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Parkinson in Brisbane - Australia

Date: Tuesday 4th September 2007 at Midday (12;30pm)

Approach Direction: Heading South - Not on Flight Path but traveling over bushland

Departure Direction: Heading South but immediately turning towards my home (west)

Witness Direction: North

Description: Cloudy day with dark clouds and noticed an object flying at speed through the darker clouds. This object was black and oval.

As I watched the object fly at the height of a plane, I knew it couldn't have been a place based on the tremendous speed it was generating. The immediate decision for the object to change course, made me realise that this was no normal aeroplane. I decided to run into the house as the object was coming my direction.

Color/Shape: Black - Oval (It was like a GoodYear Balloon that you see in the UK with advertisements on eachside) but this was completely black. Like a place with no wings.

Height & Speed: Height of a standard plane. No idea of speed.

TV/Radio/Press: Unaware of any other sighting in this area

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