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Goonawarra, Sunbury, Victoria

October 2nd 2007

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Results received from FORM on 2/10/2007 22:20:38
Title = Mr. Brett W
Present Suburb = Sunbury
Present State = VIC
Present Postcode = 3429
Occupation = Student
Sighting Date = 2
Sighting Month = October
Sighting Year = 2007
Sighting Time = 9:45
Sighting AM-PM = PM
Sighting TimeZone = Eastern Standard Time
Sighting Duration = 5 seconds

Observation = I was outside, facing a brick wall of the house when I saw a blue flash that lit up the wall. I turned around and by chance looked up to the sky where I saw a bright blue ball that looked like it was exploding. The ball was approx the size of a full moon. Then it suddenly took off, leaving a blue/green tail behind it. This lasted for about 5 seconds from the initial flash, to the dissapearence of the tail in the sky.

Description = bright blue flash, increadible speed of the ball of light, colour of the tail the ball left after speeding away.

Location = Tulsa Dve, Goonawarra, Sunbury, Vic
Other Witnesses = n/a
Apparent Size = Tennis Ball
Actual Size = unsure of actual size, although it was approx the size of a full moon when your looking at it from the ground.

Altitude = approx aeroplane altitude
Object Origin = north/north east. approx over western suburbs of melbourne.
Object Destination = approx west
Moon Visible = Could not see the moon from where i was standing
Moon Size_Comparison = approx the same size as a full moon
Planets Visible = there were a few stars
Weather Visibility = Clear
Weather Temp = Mild
Weather Sky = Sunny
Weather Wind = Calm
Viewing Aids = no
Effects Physical =
Effects Psychological = pretty scared
Effects Other = no
Effects Other Witnesses = No other witnesses, although im sure I heard yelling down the road to the effect of "Did you see that"
Other Experiences = Never

UFOINFO Note: There is a report of a meteor burning up in the atmosphere - see http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,22523139-661,00.html (This report has now been removed)

My thanks to the AUFORN mailing list for the information.

[Note: This fireball/meteor report is included for reference purposes - John @ UFOINFO.]


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