UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Girrawheen/Marangaroo, Perth, Western Autralia

December 16th/17th 2008

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Girrawheen/Marangaroo Perth Western Autralia

Date: 15th - 16th December 2007

Time: Approx 11:57pm

Number of witnesses: 2 +

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Saucer Shape

Weather Conditions: Cloudy, windy

Description: I was driving east along Marangaroo Drive in Girrawheen with my 15year old daughter in the passenger seat of my car on the night of the sighting. 1 boy on a bike darted in front of my car, just before the Girrawheen shops on that same road, and rode as fast as he could in a north west direction. I swore as I had to brake to allow him to get across the road. Another boy followed and only stopped to wait for my car. He followed his friend as fast as he could, crossing just behind my car. I commented to my daughter at the time that they looked like they were trying to get away after committing a crime or getting caught doing something wrong.

As I drove, what I thought was a plane came into view and I said to my daughter, "Is that a plane. Oh my God, that plane's going to crash." It seemed to be just above houses ahead of us heading east. After driving further and becoming closer to 'the plane' we noticed it hover then completely change direction towards us (west). My daughter starting crying and repeating, 'That's not a plane. That's not a plane" when she undid her seatbelt and slid into the area of the car under the glove box crying and screaming. The object was to the right of us, above some houses and seemed to be the size of the foundation of a small house. At that point it became very clear that the object was not a plane. It was a saucer shape with white lights around the underside (in a circle) on the outer part of the bottom of the saucer. These lights flashed around and changed to blue and red but were predominately white. The middle of the underside of the object just seemed blank - black. The object then hovered for some time and changed direction again heading east. There was a car driving in the right hand lane next to us and as the object was almost directly above us but to our right I looked over at the driver who mouthed "Oh My God", while looking up at the object, as I did so. I was feeling total fear at this point although I don't know if it's because of pre-conceived ideas and ideas presented in the media/movies about UFO's. At some point my daughter fumbled for her phone and went to video the sighting. I yelled at her to put it away in case 'they' saw us. They being whatever was in the object. I don't know why I said this but thought if they did see us something bad would happen.

I put my foot down and sped to my house at the time with the object now behind me, not far from the sighting (within a kilometer or 2). We bolted into the house, closed all blinds and turned off all lights and huddled in my study where I phoned the police and the Perth Observatory. The police assured me that no-one had called in with sightings and referred me to the Perth Observatory. The guy at the observatory laughed at me and implied that I was drunk or on drugs. I was neither and further, do not touch drugs and rarely drink alcohol. I assured him that on this night, over a period of approximately 5 hours, I had consumed 1 Vodka cruiser over the course of the night as I would be driving - but I never drink to excess anyway. The next day I also rung the national UFO hotline number and left a message and my number but the call was not returned.

As there were quite a few cars on the road that night I expected that the sighting would be all over the news the next day. I listened to the radio and watched the news but there was no mention of any sighting. I also googled UFO sightings on that day in Perth. I rang the friends where we had spent the evening having dinner and they presented many different options including meteorites as there had been a meteorite shower that night and the police helicopter. It was neither and was very definitely a saucer shaped object as described.

The picture of the object is so vivid in my mind and both my daughter and myself now watch the sky whenever we drive anywhere now. After relaying the events of this night to a few select people and seeing their reactions (as if we were crazy or saw something ordinary that we thought was a UFO) we have told no-one else.

TV/Radio: Not that I am aware of.

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