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Wooyung, Tweed Shire, New South Wales

March 17th 2008

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

Received 18/03/2008 16:39:07

17.03.08 WOOYUNG TWEED SHIRE (NSW) 1850hrs (NL)
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. Gary x
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 5 minutes.
Occupation: Environmental consultant & Eco tour operator

Observation: Monday 17 March 2008 I observed a bright spherical white light UFO, judged to be about 10m (30ft) in diameter, appearing to look twice the size and brightness of Venus, observed at 7.50 pm daylight savings time (6.50 eastern standard time) at dusk from my home at Jones Road Wooyung, 1.5 km inland from Wooyung Beach in the Tweed - Byron Shire area and viewed for about 5 minutes. First observed travelling slowly south, directly towards me at approximately 1000m above ground, moving through scattered clouds with occasional stars visible above & with a half moon shining brightly to the north.

At first I wondered if it was the landing lights of an aircraft that had taken off from Coolangatta Airport and was travelling much further east than such aircraft normally do. However, no red, green or strobe lights were visible & no noise emanated from the craft. It was travelling through low light cloud & almost disappeared when travelling through a dense cloud before re-emerging into light cloud & clear sky.

As it passed directly over-head I observed and then heard the approach of a commercial airliner on descent to Coolangatta Airport flying north 1km off the Northern NSW coast. The bright spherical white light UFO then changed course and curved towards the north east so that it was obviously in a collision course with the airliner. The UFO remained at the same elevation & speed and passed through a denser cloud. This caused its appearance to change so that the light at the rear of the object extended a short distance and its shape now appeared to be like a comet with a short tail, the entire object perhaps 20m (60ft)in length and still almost directly overhead.

Emerging from the dense cloud it then regained its original appearance & I was able to view both the airliner with its normal landing lights, red, green, strobe lights, and faint pilot & passenger window lights all visible contrasting with the bright spherical white light UFO converging on it. Even though I was now viewing the unidentified object from behind as it continued its curved course to the northeast it still looked the same as when it was first approaching me.

It then occurred to me that the bright white object should be clearly visible to passengers on the left hand side of the airliner & approaching them on a possible collision course. Both the airliner and the UFO were travelling at the same speed and elevation with the airliner travelling north and the UFO travelling northeast. The UFO then appeared to pass directly in front of the airliner perhaps 300 to 400 metres away and should have been clearly visible to the pilots. It was difficult to judge if the UFO was just above, below or at the exact elevation of the airliner but the difference would not have been more than about 50 metres.

Even though the UFO was now travelling away from me & I was therefore viewing it from behind, it looked identical as to when it was approaching me & when directly overhead. Both airliner and UFO passed behind trees. I spent some time afterwards keeping a watch in case it returned but saw nothing else unusual.

Description: The UFO remained at the same elevation & speed but changed direction so that it would intersect the flight path of a commercial airliner. It passed through a dense cloud that caused its appearance to change so that the light at the rear of the object extended a short distance and its shape now appeared to be like a comet with a short tail, the entire object perhaps 20m (60ft)in length and still almost directly overhead. It was silent.

Location: My home in the Tweed - Byron Shire area, Northern NSW.

Other Witnesses: N

Apparent Size: Tennis Ball

Actual Size: roughly 10 m or say 60 foot

Altitude: The same height as the base of the normal low cumulous clouds or an aircraft descending to land but still several kms away from the airport, at a guess of around 1000m.

Object Origin: north

Object Destination: north east

Moon Visible: yes Moon to the north about 80% waxing gibbous producing quite bright conditions amongst scattered clouds.

Moon Size Comparison: less than a quarter the size of the moon, twice the size of Venus when very bright.

Planets Visible: Some stars visible through the cloud scattered above the object.

Weather Visibility: Clear, Pleasant, Cloudy, Calm

Weather Comments: light scattered clouds with stars visible in open sky.

Other Experiences: 17th UFO observation in over 40 years.

1st, 2nd & 3rd sightings: the first 3 in the late 1960's looked like 707-type aircraft flying low behind the Gold Coast travelling south late at night, much lower than normal southbound from Brisbane airliners & travelling silently and brilliantly illuminated from within like a continuous strobe light shining out of the pilot & passenger windows, my brother was with me when we observed them.

4th sighting: In about 1970 at dusk near Sydney I once saw a bright white light hovering in the sky a couple of hundred metres directly above a tugboat motoring north along & parallel to the coast & about five hundred metres out to sea. At first I thought that the bright white light was a flare but it just hovered at the same height & followed above the ship for five minutes.

Then in a completely cloudless sky I noticed a small round cloud 30 to 40 metres in diameter coming along by itself at the same altitude as the light but travelling north at a faster speed. The cloud caught up to the light & surrounded it so that the light could no longer be seen & then the cloud, which was only the same size as the tug boat, slowed down & continued to drift north above the boat until both moved out of view 15 to 20 minutes later.

5th sighting: In early 1970's I saw a star-like object behind the Gold Coast travelling north 11pm at night and as it passed overhead at about the normal level of aircraft and at the speed of a jet fighter, it was clearly undertaking a continuous falling-leaf zigzag motion side -to-side, which was only observable when it was directly overhead, other wise from a distance it just looked like a tiny wobble & there was no sound. My girlfriend was with me when we observed it.

6th sighting: was a reddish-white egg-shaped object travelling slowly north behind the Gold Coast below very dense cloud cover during a blackout on Sunday 15 January 1973 at 9-30 pm. Six friends were with me when we observed it. I have newspaper reports of that incident viewed by many people & will photocopy it for you.

7th & 8th sightings: were identical objects viewed each time through binoculars, a cigar-shaped object or disc with 3 elongated yellow-white lights along the side travelling south, low altitude, at dusk, at Townsville in January 1975 and then in February 1975 on Gold Coast, travelling north, low altitude, at dusk.

9th & 10th sightings: were on Sunshine Coast March 1975 at Eudlo 11pm at night, a dozen satellite-like objects following each other equally spaced a 6th of the sky apart travelling south with another dozen satellite-like objects following each other equally spaced a 6th of the sky apart travelling west and which perfectly intersected the south -bound craft in the centre of the sky. Not long afterwards 3 lights in perfect formation travelled low overhead, could have been 3 helicopters but only a distant sound like a train in a distant tunnel was heard, about 35 of us saw these.

11th sighting: in 1984 saw a bright light travelling east over Tamborine Mountain.

12th sighting: in 2002 saw a bright light travelling north over northern NSW at dusk, 2 other witnesses & I sent you a report on this list.

13th Sighting: A bright light star-like object dropping straight down from the sky through the clouds late at night on the Tweed Coast on my way back home from a UFO meeting in Brisbane.

14th Sighting: a bright amber star-like object low in the night sky above Byron Bay that I watched for 20 minutes & which I mistook for the planet Mars, disappeared when I went inside to tell others that they should look at how bright Mars had brightened. Mars came up a couple of hours later in the same spot but only half as bright.

15th Sighting: at midday on Wednesday, 3 September 2003 whilst stopped at a traffic light at the intersection of Marine Parade and Gold Coast Highway, Labrador, and looking out of my open driver's side window at the Broadwater on a cloudless day, with no other cars passing, my eyes were attracted to a bright light a couple of hundred metres away and about 50 metres above the water. It looked like the sun was reflecting off of a solid object such as a hovering aircraft which at first I thought must be a helicopter. As I gazed at the object, which was stationary, I realised that it was identical to the "scoutship" photographed by George Adamski on 13 December 1952. It was domed on top and with a flanging bell-shaped base.

I thought that it was probably just an illusion of the sun shining off the side of a helicopter when it suddenly vanished & I expected to see the dark shape of a known aircraft but there was nothing in the sky at all. It then occurred to me that there was also no sound of an aircraft such as a helicopter hovering over the water. I watched for a while but nothing reappeared.

16th sighting: at dusk from my home at Jones Road Wooyung, viewed for about 2 minutes in clear sky, a craft that revealed itself as 3 red lights in a horizontal plane flying north 1km off the Northern NSW coast directly above a commercial airliner on descent to Coolangatta Airport. The UFO remained exactly above the airliner, perhaps 100m at all times until they passed behind trees.


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