UFO Sighting Report - Australia

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Brighton Beach, South Australia

April 2008

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

0?.04.08 BRIGHTON BEACH (SA) 1430hrs (NL)
Source: AUFORN ONLINE Report Form
Witness: Mr. Chris
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: 5 - 10 minutes
Occupation: Horticulturist

Observation: Sitting on the beach with a friend, we both noticed a very low object in the sky facing south west at Brighton beach. It then began to travel in a northerly direction and we then noticed another object. They made no noise and had more lights than a plane but were all a orange/yellow colour. They almost reminded me of Mars when you are lucky enough to spot it! The objects went in the same direction for a few minutes. They seemed to move slowly and actually appeared to stop and hover for what seemed some time. One was above the other to the left and whilst the other lower one stood still the top one seemed to hover around it not actually appearing to get any closer or further away just changing it's vertical position in a cirle around the lower object.

This we decided was quite strange and felt a bit eerie about it all. It was a gorgeous clear but cold night we could see a lot of stars and even spotted 4 shooting stars. The strangest thing about the objects wasn't so much their appearance but their movements and height to then just disappear into the distance quite fast and then come back and seem to come towards us but then change again and not come back at all! Was quite an experience! Brighton beach, near the Surf life saving club.

Description: No sounds at all, strange circular unusual movements... almost like that of a helicopter but clearly not one due to the lack of noise and the lights.

Location: Sitting on the beach less than 200m from the Surf Life saving club at Brighton Beach, SA.

Other Witnesses: Just one friend who wishes to remain anonymous.

Actual Size: A large plane [ie 747] or bigger

Altitude: I'd say roughly 20-25 metres

Object Origin: South-East

Object Destination: North West

Moon Visible: South East - very bright but not full

Moon Size Comparison: 1/4 the size maybe a little larger

Planets Visible: only stars to my knowledge

Weather Visibility: Clear, Cold, Sunny, Breezy

Effects Physical: Speeding up of the heart.

Effects Psychological: I guess I felt a little spaced out afterwards.

Effects Other Witnesses: My friend also felt a bit spaced out and possibly a little anxious though she didn't mention it.

Other Experiences: Yes, other strange bright lights in the sky but the most amazing thing I have ever seen was a circular glow about 20x larger than the moon around the outside of it with the moon in the centre as a nipple like effect. I was sitting on a log in the middle of a circular clearing in second valley forest with a friend at around 4am with an amazingly clear sky except for some cloud cover. The glow amazed me the most when I realised it looked like a direct reflection of the circular clearing we were sitting on the side of, especially size wise. Incredible but un-explainable. I have had people tell me they have seen the same thing and found out it's to do with the temperature and location and some scientific effect in the air. I dunno. It was gorgeous though! Like a massive Moon Aura! I felt re-charged during and after... the clouds were over the moon at first then quickly cleared to amaze us then covered it again.


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