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Far North Tweed Shire, New South Wales

April 4th 2008

AUFORN Sighting Form Report



Witness Name: Mrs X

Number of witnesses present: 1

Sighting Time: 03.00hrs

Sighting Duration: 7 to 10 minutes


Artist impression of sighting. Copyright AUFORN

(This is an artist impression only taken from details given to the AUFORN Online UFO report form Plus a phone call from the eye witness today 12.04.08. "This image may change")


The reason I am writing is for my best friend who lives in Far north NSW and is really freaked out at the moment. My friend is trust worthy, I told her I would do research for her on her behalf. (wants her privacy kept)

She woke up in the early hours of the morning hearing a loud noise like similar a camera lens retracting in or out. She thought it could be the council doing roadworks. She looked out the window and saw an object on legs thin and spidery standing in the middle of the street. (6 LEGS) It took up the entire width of the road and had lights up the legs on the craft. She said the shape was an octagon (in shape but it was squashed in size. She said basically a squashed octagon. It had a metal tube on top with a smaller octagon on top covered in lights and it extended to the height of the tallest tree. (THE CRAFT WAS COVERED IN LIGHTS)

She doesn't want to give the exact address as she wants to stay unnamed. She was in shock, Kept rubbing her eyes and watched this object in the middle of her street at 3 am. Normally cars drive down this busy road even at 3 am. The object continued to stay in the middle of her street which is on a high hill.

Unsure what to do, she said she stupidly turned the light on, and once she did this the object quickly retracted the probe like object on top and its legs then vanished within seconds. She was left rubbing her eyes in shock and laid in bed trying to work out what happened. She wasn't dreaming as the curtain was pulled back and she lay awake until her alarm went off.

She can't door knock her neighbours so I told her I would do some research. Have you had any reports for the 4th of April at 3 am in the Far north NSW area.

Description: Sounds similar to a camera lens retracting in or out. The object was stationary but it did extend the probe that was on top of the object. She witnessed that. The height was as tall as a palm tree. Lights were on constantly. She said that it wasn't what I expected a UFO to look like. Once she turned the bedroom light on, it compressed back to shape very quickly and vanished. The object had knee like joints and lights on all legs. Object stood 15 meters from the front of her house.

Shape: Like to 2 octagons placed together but squashed.

Colour: Hard to say it was dark, it had no markings on it.

Other Witnesses: She was the only one present in this house watching this. Apparent Size Other: Octagon compressed similar to saucer but squarish sides Actual Size: The size of the craft in diameter was the width of a narrow street which basically allows one car to pass around a bend.

Altitude: Tree top height, the top probe was as high as a 2 storey house it was a spidery leg with another small craft attached to the top extended to the height of a tall palm tree.

Object Origin: Was stationary on the middle of the road when she woke up.

Object Destination: The object disappeared within one to two seconds. She didn't know how it vanished but it just vanished.

Size Comparison: Well it was on the road so it couldn't be the moon.

Planets Visible: Stars present.

Weather Visibility: Clear

Weather Temp: Cold

Weather Wind: Calm.

Viewing Aids: No, she said she didn't even think about grabbing a camera as she was too shocked.

Effects Physical: NO.

Effects Psychological: Emotionally shocked and stressed, No missing time.

Other Experiences: No- practical person- Doesn't really believe in the supernatual. She is straight forward and doesn't have any psychological issues.

(Could you please contact me regarding this issue by email as my friend is quite stressed, now checking her sanity as she is a rational person. Have you had any sightings in this area before and any for the the 4th of April at 3 am?)

End Note: We have been in contact with the witness.

Case under investigation. AUFORN will be going to the location this weekend to gather more information. We have contacted the relevant authorities such as, Main roads for heavy goods transport, tree loppers. Nothing to report just yet. The witness did call her local council.


Warmest Regards

Diane Harrison/Frola

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