UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Pakenham, Victoria

April 5th 2008

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Pakenham, Victoria, Australia

Date: 05/04/2008

Time: 11.16 pm

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 7

Shape of objects: Round

Weather Conditions: still, cool evening, clear sky

Description: We were travelling south along McGregor Road, Pakenham, when noticed 3 LARGE ROUND, BRILLIANTLY LIT (red/orange color), FLYING OBJECTS coming from the east behind homes. Then there was four, then five. We pulled over to observe, then six and seven appeared. All were exactly the same size, color, and distance apart, travelling in formation, high, in an arc, across the sky to the north west. We watched, with amazement, for approximately 15 minutes before heading home on the freeway back to Berwick. My husband kept watch whilst I drove, and we suddenly lost sight of them.

I have contacted the Air Force to check for any training being held by them in the area and they confirmed there was nothing. Also contacted a Melbourne Hot air balloon company and they confirmed they don't fly at night nor would they look like our description. I then made a report to Air Service Australia, after speaking to Moorabbin Airport, who have given me a serial number and will be intouch with me soon with any findings.


Additional info sent in by the witness:

Dear Sir, re; sighting in Pakenham, Victoria, Australia on April 5th 2008

I made a report recently to you regarding the above sighting and wish to add the following. That since I reported this sighting, other people have contacted the local Pakenham Gazette Paper experiencing the same sighting and one lady has even taken photos of the incident. They may not look quite the same due to the quality of camera, but it proves there were seven flying objects and when enlarged you can see separate lights in each object. Thought you may be interested.

See 'In a spin over UFOs' http://www.senews.com.au/story/57785 - article now removed.


More information from the witness:

Dear Sir, re: update information - for ufo's seen on 5th April, 2008,at Pakenham, Victoria, Australia

I have fowarded photos of the ufo's that were seen in the skies over Pakenham on the evening of 5th April, 2008. Thanks to a lady who has given permission for them to be used, but does not want to be identified. She sent them originally to the local paper.

Note No. 2 photo, proves there were seven flying objects. They look different to what we witnessed but maybe it was the camera she used or the angle she was on. If you enlarge the first photo you can see large lights on the end of each object with approxiamtely six separate lights in the middle. (I find them very intriguing). Perhaps you may have better technology available to enlarge the photos even more to see if there is an outline around them.

I would be very interested to hear back from you with your opinion.

Click photos for full size
Photograph showing lights observed over Pakenham

Second photograph showing lights observed over Pakenham

[UFOINFO Comment: When the photos were taken the shutter speed was ½ second and could account for the apparent shape of the lights. Full EXIF information is available on the full size photos.]

[UFOINFO thanks the witness for sending in the photos and additional information.]

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