UFO Sighting Report - Australia

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Mermaid Beach, Queensland

April 7th 2008

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

UFO Mermaid Beach Qld 2050hrs (CE-1)

Date: 07.04.08
Sighting Duration: 50 minutes
Caller: Mr. Daniel W
Location: Mermaid Beach
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1
Shape of object: 1
Weather Conditions: Overcast.

Artists impression of sighting from drawing supplied by witness. Copyright AUFORN
(Image drawn from drawing supplied by witness)

How did the object come to your attention: I saw a light out over the se. Also noticed at least one or possibly two other aerplanes "circling" the objects with floodlights on I believe they were observing it too!

Description: I went out to the beach to watch for UFOs! Saw no other light except that of what looked like a massive ship out on the water also an aeroplane above that was circling the area with searchlights on. The lights on the UFO seemed to re-arrange themselves. Then it would disappear under the water. It looked like a submarine with submerged lights. Then I watched it appear on the waters surface and sit there for a few minutes, then it rose off the water and went directly up what looked like a few hundred meters then move sideways what seemed like 1 klm or so and would lower back to the surface and proceed to go under water again. It did this several times. After 45 minutes of this it went underwater and went North quickly. I rang my girlfriend who was working in Surfers Paradise she went out onto the beach and described in my direction out at sea a ship that looked like it had "excessive lighting, it was huge but it didn't look like a normal ship." Also the plane surveying the area was travelling really slowly, hardly made any noise and looked different to any plane you usually see in the sky. I believe they were watching it too. There was No sound, it went underwater, it was doing something underwater.

Size: I estimated it was around the length of 4 Busses back to back. It was shaped like a large naval ship from what I saw the lights seemed to move and manifest into different position on the craft, the light were bright yellow/white. It was 90º to the beach, directly in front when looking out East.

I believe it was a U.S.O It would look like a submarine with its lights underwater. The object seemed to manifest like it was sitting on the water, then it would raise directly up, more sideways and lower back to the surface and then go underwater again, several times.

At around 9.45pm it seemed to be underwater then it went North along the coast and I could see it in the distance near "The Spit". It was moved around 50 kph when it went under water it moved North very quickly (440 Kph+) it was there a moment, then it was gone.

Lights: Pulsating moving around themselves Size: 4 busses back to back.

Other experiences: A few weeks before both my girlfriend and i watched what looked like a big star in the sky moving around, going in circles and flying along then instantly stopping and hovering ect. In the same areas as this but much higher and further away.

Report compiled by Diane Frola AUFORN from snail mail UFO report form.


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