UFO Sighting Report - Australia

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Gympie, Queensland

April 12th 2008

AUFORN Sighting Form Report



Witness Name: Mrs M x

Number of witnesses present: 3

Sighting Duration: 10 minutes.

Observation: My husband noticed the objects at 7.30 while in the kitchen looking west. (Funniest Home Video was doing end credits) he called to me to get outside quickly and he followed.

We live on a hill overlooking Gympie city and to the south west two large(?) orange lights were moving slowly north west. They appeared close as the lights were quite large compared to aircraft lights at about the same distance. No lights were flashing. They were flying very steadily - no zigwag etc and took 10 minutes before we lost them in the distance - they faded out. I assume we saw the tail glow of fighter planes. They also appeared to be flying quite low as two planes were flying after them - faster (they appeared and went in quicker time than the orange lights) and much higher in the sky.

We have it on video - now have to figure out how to get it off and tape it. We would like to know if it is RAAF planes. Hope I am not wasting anyones time - it was fascinating to watch - don't see unusual things like that often.

AUFORN enhancement of a 2 mega pix camera phone image
(Image taken with a mobile phone camera)

Description: No unusual movements. They appeared to be very smooth, though we think flying low. They came from the south traveling north. One appeared to be above and behind the other. The size of the orange "glows" didn't appear to get smaller for awhile as we tracked them across to the north west of us and we assumed they were going north then just as suddenly they started to disappear in a more westerly direction and the glows started to diminish. A plane which came from the same direction behind them was much higher in the sky and traveling much faster and going due north. We hope they saw them.

No sounds at all.

No neighbours at home at the time. Rang my mother to look out for them but her view was obscured by trees. She lives north of the town centre.

Apparent Size Other: Between a star and a pea (sorry cant think of a good comparison) Actual Size: The size of each glow was significant - no mistaking that they were not a usual night sky inhabitant. We often watch the stars and satellites but this was very different. The plane lights that were traveling behind could be described as flashing pin pricks (star size).

The orange lights were much larger say the top of a pencil. Hopefully the pictures will give a better idea. Altitude: Sorry I am going to be vague but a plane flying behind them appeared to be following the natural curve of the earth and well up in the atmosphere. The two lights were much lower - and appeared to get lower before disappearing.

Object Origin: South west of us moving north west Object Destination: Seem to disappear into the horizon Moon Visible: Moon visible, very bright. North and slightly west of our house, high up - 90 degrees Moon Size Comparison: Smaller than the moon but much bigger that the stars around the moon at the time.

Planets Visible: The "saucepan" directly west of us was visible up above the horizon, two stars in a direct line up/down were east of the moon and other smaller stars. Sorry I don't know their names. Weather: Clear, Pleasant, Calm Viewing Aids: Binoculars, photographed with mobile phone and video taped. Effects Physical: None whatsoever. Just awe struck.

Other Experiences: Yes - a couple of times Firstly -My husband, mother and I saw a tubular shaped object (looked like a flouresent tube)moving through the evening sky in Alice Springs some years ago. The aboriginal community of Santa Teresa witnessed it also and it freaked them out. Turned out to be an Italian satellite (we were told) that hadn't opened correctly and what we saw was the sun's reflection on one of it's panels.

Second time last year in January about 3.00 a.m I witnessed two blue lights falling down out of the sky south west of us. They fell in a kind of arch - disappeared behind houses so my view was obscured - must have been very far away. Guess they were meteorites.


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