UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Noosa Beach, Queensland

April 15th 2008

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

Follow up 1800 UFO Hotline Callin# 6501 - QLD

Date: 15.04.08

Time Sighting: 0420hrs

Sighting Duration: seconds

Caller: Mr. B x

Location: Noosa Beach

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 1

Shape of object: 4

Weather Conditions: very clear

Description: Every morning I get up early to walk on the beach. I was walking in a north westerly direction up the beach in the direction of Teewah. It was a very clear morning the sky was still dark I could still see the stars. While looking up at the sky I noticed 3 star like objects come into my field of vision, they moved so fast faster then any satellite I have ever witnessed and I've seen a few. The 3 objects flew in formation a straight line then out of the blue another object flew in from the North west it veered up along side the other 3 objects into formation.

All 4 objects traversed the sky within seconds at an amazing speed. I have never seen anything conventional move that fast ever.

Description: Star like

Apparent Size: bigger than a satellite

Actual Size: unknown

Object Origin: North West

Destination: South East.

Other experiences:

End note: Mr. B re-counts 2 other experiences in his life one while being onboard a fishing boat out on North Reef 15 miles from Gladstone in 1964.

Image showing location of North Reef and Gladstone

He was in his early twenties it was during "Operation Handover" a joint military exercise.

He and 3 fellow anglers witnessed a round object bright blue in colour dropped down from the sky like a flare and enter the sea. They up anchor and sailed towards the area as they thought a plane may have gone down. As they got closer to the area an object of enormous size rose out of the water and shot straight up. It was saucer shape, 20 feet thick flat-ish, It was reflective and very very bright and vanished in seconds.

Mr. B informed me he was informed a US ship in the area had the object and their fishing boat on radar at the time: Mr. B said he meet the ships captain some years later by a strange coincidence.

Mr. B said he has never reported these events before now.

Additional information of UFO activity in Australian Waters.
Underwater UFOs WA 1964 ( DAFI ) File

(Under investigation)

Investigator: Diane Frola AUFORN QLD


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