UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Dandenong, Melbourne

April 26th 2008

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Dandenong/Melbourne/Australia

Date: 26/04/2008

Time: About 4:00 am

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: The body of the object was dark and hard to make out but after looking through the binoculars I saw a faint dark outline of the craft, it was long and narrow with a thicker midsection and alot thinner at the back and front of the craft.

Weather Conditions: A bit of rain earlier but the weather quickly cleared up with very little cloud cover, you could see the moon and stars very clearly.

Description: I was at a friends house (26, april, 2008), at about roughly 4:00am I decided to go outside in his backyard for a cigarette, my friend came out with me also. As we were having a chat we noticed a bright green flash like thunder without the noise just above some clouds (very thin cloud cover) to the north of us.

We thought that was strange but quickly got over it and went back inside.

About a half an hour later (4:30am) I went outside to his backyard alone for a cigarette, as I'm standing there just looking around I noticed what looked like a plane flying low to the ground (a bit above the tree tops) it had strangely bright white and red flashing lights which were constantly blinking at a fast rate and did not make a single sound, I didn't really get to see a shape or anything as it was dark. But it was a rather large aircraft based on the lights.

It came from the west (Dandenong) and travelled towards the east (Doveton-Narre Warren area). It was moving at a rather slow pace, 10 minutes must have gone past before I called my friend out to have a look, he came out then quickly ran inside to get the binoculars.

He had a look and told me to quickly look as it started to pick up a bit of a pace. When I looked through the binoculars I saw what appeared to be two sets of lights arranged in a triangular pattern at a bit of a distance from one another, the lights were coloured orange/red and were flickering. The lights were attached to this long object, the configuration was 3 lights at the front and 3 lights at the back of this craft.

I also saw a faint dark outline of the craft while looking through the binoculars, it was long and somewhat narrow with a thicker middle area.

It picked up a bit of speed then I lost sight of it as it moved behind some trees.

I was curious of this object after seeing the intense bright flashing colours, then I was stunned and somewhat shocked after seeing it through the binoculars.

My impression is that this thing was not a manmade craft, the way it moved and looked just had this otherworldly vibe to it.

This happened in Victoria, Australia over the suburb of Dandenong.

TV/Radio: Not sure if this was reported as it happened very early in the morning, not many people would have been out and about. This makes me wonder whoever was patrolling in this aircraft was doing so low to the ground seemingly above peoples houses travelling at such a low speed for about 20 minutes before taking off at a rather incredible speed.

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