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Hurstville, New South Wales

May 6th 2008

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

06.05.08 HURSTVILLE (NSW) 2230hrs (NL)
Source: AUFORN ONLINE Report Form
Witness: Mr. Johnathan
Number of witnesses present: 3
Sighting Duration: 1 hr 23 minutes
Occupation: Customer service

Observation: Hi there,
My partner, son and I were watching tv as our balcony faces towards the sutherland shire. My parter notice a falling star as we call them, and moments later she said to me i will make a wish. Not long after that she brought me to the atention that it look like a bright star. But this was flashing red, green white and blue. This was intense flashing and was large. And this falling star fall she claims 90 to 0 and the same spot and where the falling star stoped was were we saw the flashing lights. It sat about 30 degree's from our 7 storey unit and was about 1-2 km's above the ground. Around the same height that the planes fly when approaching the Sydney airport. There were no planes flying that night which was 24/05/08 10.30 pm Clear night, no wind, one of the coldest nights so far. Stars we could see them and we could not the moon. I think the moon was behind us at the time. I didn’t have a good camera at the time. And the battery's were near flat at the time. We had a pair of basic binoculars. As these gave more detail to what we saw. Observation at the time the object had a white light in the middle with 7 other lights in a semi circle that sat if your looking at a clock sat from 2pm to 8pm underneath the white light of these seven lights it seemed to have a solid back ground from it, and a red light on top which sat around 11pm if you looking at a clock. The white light was present at all the time in view of the binoculars and the light lights around the white light flashed green red blue. But the naked eye it looked like a bright star flashing all these colors. This move SE. I would saw this around Cronulla or further down and this it look like this slowly fell further away we could just see just white and red light unit we could not see this at all. During this time I called my cousin of mind, cause around 6 weeks ago him and he's wife saw these weird lights and caught this on camera at Narellan. To this similar sighting. Would like to know if any one else saw this ? cause this was in the sky from about 10.30pm to about 11.53pm. And is not that Star or planet that flashing these last few nights. Would like to know what it was ? If this space of air space was used by anyone else ? Thanks for your time.

Description: no unusual movements or changes in shape or sound

Location: We were at the above address nearest is Penshurst

Apparent Size: Star Actual Size: Shaped seem to be round size maybe like 3 large cars stacked on top of each other

Altitude: As high as the planes that fly into sydney aiport when landing and around the cronulla region.

Object Origin: We cant confirm that the falling star was apart of this. But before the falling star you would think that we would notice this flashing light before hand.

Object Destination: This headed South east approx. Altitude seemed to be consistant.

Moon Visible: we could not see the moon from where we were this was behind of us in view.

Moon Size Comparison: Moon O object .

Planets Visible: Yes we could see other planet's visible this happen not far from the southern cross

Weather Visibility: Clear, Cold, Calm

Viewing Aids: binoculars.


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