UFO Sighting Report - Australia

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Cheltenham, Victoria

May 11th 2008

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Cheltenham Victoria Australia

Date: 11 May 2008

Time: 12.30 am

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 5 -7

Shape of objects: round (naked eye) square (video)

Weather Conditions: clear calm cold

Description: I am reporting what I can only describe as unidentified flying objects (ufo), I call them this because I simply cannot identify what both my husband and I saw.

At approx 12.30am on Sun morning (11th May) my husband called me outside to witness something we can not explain. When I came out I saw a huge and what seemed to me fairly close, extremely bright and beautiful orange/red ball of light travelling slowly across the sky (approx size of hotair balloon). At this stage I noticed another smaller light further off which my husband advised me had just passed over. Moments later these lights were followed by yet another exact replica of the first two lights, travelling along the same flight path. This occured over a period of approx 15 mins with a total of about 5-7 objects flying by.

They travelled slowly with no sound whatsoever, from what I would deem to be the bay (south) area, towards the city (northwest).

I live near Moorabbin airport so I am very used to seeing many aircraft etc flying over.

TV/Radio: We reported this the both the Herald Sun and the Age and are yet to hear anything back.


UFOINFO Note: As with other similar reports I asked the witness to have a look at the UFO Balloons website (now closed) to see if this is what might have been seen and received the following reply:

Hi John, I had a quick look at the balloon website, and both my husband and myself agree that, no, they definately were not balloons. The way these objects we saw were moving was far too purposeful, they did not have the appearance of something floating, they all followed the exact same path.

What we saw also appeared much larger and with a greater luminence then balloons, whereas balloons would have had to have been alot closer to even come close to similar brightness. I have included some pics, unfortunately they do not show the orange effect we saw through the naked eye, but still give a good indication of distance, height etc.

Please feel free to include the pics on the report, and we would love your opinion.

Click images for full size photos. EXIF information available on photos
Photo showing object in the sky

Photo showing object in the sky

Photo showing object in the sky

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