UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Muster, Western Australia

May 19th 2008

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

19.05.08 MUSTER (WA) 0045hrs (NL)
Source: AUFORN ONLINE Report Form
Witness: Miss Courtney B
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 15 minutes
Occupation: Administrator

Observation: I took my dog to the beach on Sunday at around lunchtime (12.00) and i was throwing a ball for him when something caught my eye, I looked up and was trying to make out this shape and at first thought it must have been two helicopters flying side by side (and they just looked very close because it was from a distance) then the object moved around and I could clearly see that it was not two helicopters flying side by side, I was looking at it for about 15min and still have no idea what it was exactly apart from some type of unidentified flying object, to try and describe it it looked like to balls that were connected in the middle by a strip of metal. And it was silver when it was moving around the sun caught on it and made an amazing bright light, almost blinding so it must have been quite shiny material it was made out of. I watched it for about 15min before it went off into the distance and as I was the only one on the beach I assume I was the only one who saw it - (besides my dog frankie, who started running around huffing (like when he sees a cat)!

Description: No i noticed a slight humming sound, but the craft was moving very slowly, so I got a good look at it and it defiantly wasnt a plane or a helicopter or a jet!

Location: Woodmans Point, Munster Western Australia

Other Witnesses: I was the only one on the beach apart from my dog frankie, when he sensed it he started huffing and kicking up sand everywhere (like what he does when he sees a cat)

Apparent Size: Pea-Sized

Altitude: 20 storey building maybe a bit higher

Object Origin: north to west

Object Destination: west

Weather Visibility: Clear

Weather Temp: Cold


Warmest Regards

Diane Harrison/Frola

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