UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Maslin Beach, South Australia

May 22nd 2008

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

22.05.08 MASLIN BEACH (SA) 1845hrs (NL)
Source AUFORN ONLINE Report Form
Witness Bev L .... member of AURA
Number of witnesses present 1
Sighting Duration 6 minutes
Occupation Entertainment agent

Observation: I was standing on my front verandah whilst my dogs were having a wee and I notice two stars that were twinkling on and off. I thought it was strange as when they were on it was a strong flash but when they were off it was pitch black. They twinkled at opposite times. I looked to see if it was passing clouds covering them but it wasn't as they were under the patchy cloud. Then I made a point of reference to see if they were moving. They were, sometimes they were close, sometimes they were far apart, sometimes they were above each other and sometimes one overtook the other. They looked like they were playing.

When I first saw them they were over the ocean and not very high up, if I had to estimate a height I would say 100m. Then as I watched them play they kept the same height but moved north, then they moved over a small flat ridge top which extends from west to east that is about 1km north of my house. I actually climbed up on the roof ( i have a flat deck top up there)to get a better view. They were very close to the top of the ridge and almost played along the top just over a couple of houses that are up on the ridge. I kept watching them play with each other moving east until i could not see them anymore. There was minimal wind, and it was not raining. I think it was about 6mins in total time I watched them. The flashes were white. When they went out of sight I phone a friend who lives over in that direction but she couldn;t see anything. There are many more lights in her suburb compered to my small beachside suburb.

Description: no sound their movement was multi directional and their speeds varied from a medium speed to fast their direction changes were sometimes cruisey and sometimes abrupt.

Location: about 5 streets back from the beach at Maslin Beach, South Australia

Other Witnesses: just me and the dogs unfortunately

Apparent Size: Star

Actual Size: difficult to say as I don't know how much of the flashing light was them and how much was their light source. But I would say they were fairly small as they were just above the ridge.

Altitude: about 100m not sure but low

Object Origin: they were playing in the west when I first saw them and they were in the lower part of the sky.

Object Destination: moved to the north and then to the east

Moon Visible: moon was behind my house to the east but had cloud covering it I was at the front of my house facing the ocean

Moon Size Comparison: they were not near the monn so I could not compere

Planets Visible: yes I could many stars but they were not playing like these 2.

Weather Visibility: Clear, Mild, Cloudy, Calm

Viewing Aids: no just my eyes

I have researched UFOLOGY and read extensively over the past 25yrs but have never seen anything first hand I guess this is my first sighting


Warmest Regards

Diane Harrison/Frola

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