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Irvinebank, Far North Queensland

June 2008

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

Received 9/08/2008 02:52:21

JUNE 2008 IRVINEBANK (Far North QLD) 1815hrs (NL)
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: John M. x
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 3 - 4 seconds
Occupation: Maintenance Engineer (Retired Army Warrant officer)
Qualifications: Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Observation: Relaxing at my veranda on dusk. I witnessed an extremely bright object, traveling at least four times the speed of sound (thus the reason for the two or three second observation).

The object path appeared to be approx. south traveling in a northerly direction. The object appeared to be almost parallel to ground, although I had the impression that it was loosing some altitude. I lost sight of the object due to trees and terrain.

Description: There was absolute silence. The object trajectory was a constant straight course, parallel to terrain. The size remained constant, i.e.: a bright white light, similar to a parachute type signal flare.

This bright light was definitely not an aircraft or a meteorite (meteorite do not travel parallel to the earth surface). Furthermore, during my military career I have sighted numerous aircrafts by day and by night in all types of weather. navigation lights, landing lights and position strobe type lights are easy to identify for trained observer.

Other Witnesses: Unfortunately although I called out to her, she did not witness the event

Apparent Size: Tennis Ball

Actual Size: No idea, too bright, and travelling very fast.

Altitude: Just above tree top height.

Object Origin: South to approx. North

Object Destination: Lost sight of object due to terrain (behind a hill).

Moon Visible: The moon would have been behind us, and not yet visible.

Moon Size Comparison: Much smaller than luna.

Planets Visible: The event happened just after sunset. Some time after, yes I observed that planets were clearly visible above the sighting.

Weather Visibility: Clear, Pleasant, Calm
Weather Comments: This was defiantly not a meteorite.
Effects Physical: Only startled at the sighting
Effects Other: Two Dingoes started howling shortly after-woods - The next day we did not sight any wild life about. We reside in the bush, 8Km from Irvinebank Qld, a small town with only one pub, no shops or post office.


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Diane Harrison/Frola

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