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Marlinja, Northwest Territories

June 22nd 2008

AUFORN Sighting Report

UFOs frighten Marlinja family

An update by Diane Frola AUFORN

Hi Folks

I've had a chance to talk with Janie about the below NT sighting.

[UFOINFO Note: Diane is referring to the report at http://www.ntnews.com.au/article/2008/06/27/4503_ntnews.html]

This is what I was able to find out.


Aerial photo of Marlinja

Janie said her two nieces went to play at the basketball courts not far from her home, time around 7.30 p.m. While playing at the courts the kids heard a very loud noise off in the distance which appeared to be coming towards them it was so loud it scared them, time was 8.30 p.m. At first the kids thought it was a jet as they see many aircraft fly over day & night.

Janie said "I heard the noise too so I ran outside to see what it was, the kids were running from the basketball court screaming and shouting "look look" as they ran towards their homes trying to hide from it.

But one of my nieces didn't run straight away she stood still to get a look at what the noise might be, she told me she saw it, it was a round thing the size of a football field with round lights on its underside, all lit up ya know, lights like you see at the museum, those round ones in the roof.

Q. Round lights that shine down from the roof do you mean down lights

A. yes thats right those round ones.

Janie said, my niece saw it zoom off, we all heard it pass very quickly but only a few got to see it, we were so scared, some of us have seen that movie "Independence Day" and the aliens coming, we thought it can't be happening here can it, so we all hid inside. The object took off in seconds but it came back and started circling in the sky, the sky was pitch black there was no moon we could see the stars. Me and my family shouted out to each other to turn all the house lights off so it can't see us.

Q. How many homes turned the lights off.

A. 6 or more.

Q. Why did you do this?

A. Because if the lights are on then they can see lights if the lights are off then they can't see us, thats what we thought.

Q. So you all got a real fright by this thing.

A. Yes because it hovered over the top of my nieces house she saw it high in the sky over her house the house was lit up bright but that might be because we had our lights off I think, but it was brighter than normal out side, but no moon.

Q. So the object lit the house up.

A. Yes thats what my niece said.

Q. The mobile phone, what's the go with that, the paper said the phone rang then went dead.?

A. No.....laugh... I told my brother to turn the phone off because he was playing games on it and I've heard these things UFOs can pick up signals from them then they can find you, so I made him turn it off.

Q. How long did these things UFOs hang around for.

A. it seemed like forever, but I think it was 2.5 hours.

Q. so you all kept your lights off for 2.5 hrs.

A. Yes until we thought it was safe to turn them back on then go outside.

Q. Did you know there was a military exercise being conducted from Darwin with aircraft from around the world taking part.

A. No, really.

Q. Do you think it could have been an aircraft.

A. not sure, maybe? do they fly round ones full of lights.

We laughed, it was Janie birthday today I wished her a happy birthday and thanked her for chatting to me, she said many people have called for a chat about the UFOs.

Jaine said she will call the UFO hotline if anything more happens.

Janie ended "we are country folks we don't know a great deal about these things but we see movies about them. Out here we see many UFOs flying around but no one believes us, do you Diane."

A. Yes I do.

" Still under investigation"

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