UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Stanthorp, Queensland

July 5th 2008

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

Received: on 21/08/2008

UFO Sighting - 05.07.08 STANTHORP - (QLD)
Time: 1715hrs
Source: Generated by newspaper article.
Witness: Mr. Tom x
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 15 seconds

Report taken by Diane AUFORN

It was 5.15 p.m I was coming back from work I saw it at long distance. The object was drifting very slowly going southeast direction it was 10 degrees above the New England highway I was traveling towards Warwick.

I saw several cars on the highway one car stopped and 3 people came out to watch it to. The object was about 1 & half kilometers long and 80 meters in diameter with sharp cut like edges. When I stopped the vehicle I got out dipped behind the drivers seat to get my video camera which I had with me but I don't know what happen to it I couldn't turn it on. I had been watching this object now for about 8 minutes and behind this object I saw a very heavy bluish grey cloud the object from time to time it went under the cloud cover.

The object was glowing its own light like a florescent white it had its own light, it wasn't the reflection from the sunset the sun was behind me maybe 15 degrees before sunset. I've seen many strange objects at night time after sunset very high and very fast moving changing all directions. This is the first time in my life I've seen a daytime thing. Last week I saw some smaller objects so that is why I took a video camera with me to work.

Q: The people who stopped in the other cars did you get to speak to them. A: No the day before this one I saw 3 but lost sight of them because of the trees getting in the way. Thats why I packed the camera in the car for the next day.

I had a good view of it but when I tried to film it the camera wouldn't turn on.

Q: have you ever had any trouble with your camera before. A: No No it is new camera you have to press button and turn then the switch to turn on. I turned the switch but the camera was completely dead. I had charged battery the night before. BUT there was no problem after when I drive home as I left the camera with switch in the position on, when I got close to home the camera turned on. So I don't know what happen to the this camera.

The object was so big I would only have been 800 meters away from it. When the clouds went behind this object I see could what looked like several segments I think maybe 9 segments it looked like train carriages but there wasn't any space between these segments. The object looked like one long thing a huge pipe in the air which was glowing with white light.

The segments were only visible for a sort time then not. It was perfect in an horizontal position it was like a huge ship in the air moving very steady but not fast maybe 5 knots. It wasn't flying like plane a plane you see then its gone.

When I started watching this object I think I was around seven kilometers from it so I could see it properly. The object stayed in the same place when I came closer I could see it was moving very steadily along.

Q: What direction was the object traveling. A: It came from southeast going to the east but very slow it disappeared into thick cloud that when i lost sight of it.


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