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Maudsley, Queensland

July 12th 2008

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

12.07.08 MAUDLSEY (QLD) 1430hrs (NL)
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. Kerri D
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: 30 minutes
Occupation: Welder

Observation: I was driving from the south side to the north side via the riverside express , as soon as I hit the motorway I notices a strange cloudy substance in the western sky with a scintillating white light around it, it had to of been larger than a star.

What was strange to me was there were two older aircrafts, I suppose what looked like cessna's as my partner had put it. The aircrafts were creating a strange smoke trail.

As I continued to drive the object was just hovering there, while the little aircraft planes were putting out a smoke trail.

I got home, and rushed inside to grab out camera, all that was there at the time was a pinpoint of light. I showed my partner the object in the sky and she hadn't seen anything like it.

About 20 minutes later a small aircraft flew over our house and towards the Brisbane airport.

The light in the sky was so strong that even a plane reflecting that type of light would not make it so bright. To me a silver object would only reflect that type of bright light.

If there have been any more reports within those few days, can you please come forth.

Description: Scintillating white light, 2 light weight airplanes, cloud, smoke trails.

Location: southwest/west of Kedron.

Other Witnesses: My partner. Maria.

Apparent Size: Tennis Ball

Actual Size: 8-15metres.

Altitude: 400 metres or so.

Object Destination: Westwards, however the cessnas heading back over towards the airport.

Weather Visibility: Clear Pleasant, Sunny, Breezy, Weather Comments: Not much wind at all.

Effects Physical: No except for feeling exhilarated during the whole

Other Experiences: Yes a bright reddish light in the sky in New Zealand above Havelock North as I was driving at night, it was confirmed that other people also had seen this object.


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