UFO Sighting Report - Australia

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Long Jetty, Towoon Bay and Shelley Beach, New South Wales

July 20th 2008

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Sightings at Long Jetty, Towoon Bay and some of Shelley Beach. Central Coast NSW.

Date: 20/7/08

Time: The first sighting was at around 3-4am other sightings between 5:30am and 6:30 am

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 5?

Shape of objects: Rounded.

Weather Conditions: The sun was just rising so not much light and moderately cloudy.

Description: The first sighting was between 3 and 4am a friend and I wanted to get some food from the service station at the end of his street in Long Jetty. We then headed down to Tuggerah lake we stayed there for about 20 minutes before deciding to leave, we were walking up Surf street (east) talking when suddenly my friend yelled I looked up and saw an exteremly fast white streak of light go overhead then disappear in a blink of an eye. My friend and I were terrified and went back to his house wonder what we had just seen and concluded that we had no idea what it was.

After we calmed down (around 5:20am) I suggested we go down to Towoon Bay because neither of us could get to sleep. We arrived at Towoon Bay at about 5:30 am when then walked down a flight a stairs that leads to the beach and rocks between Towoon Bay and North Shelley beach, we stopped half way and sat on the bench there still talking about what we had seen earlier. A few minutes passed then my friend stood up and faced South which has a direct view of Crackneck lookout, I stood up as well and we talked for a bit longer until I noticed that two firey orange lights (i know it sounds weird but that's the only way I can describe them) which earlier we had just thought they were tankers in the ocean (all the other tankers still had lights on).

The firey orange lights started to dim then get increasingly bright, one of the two didn't move for a while but the other one got incredibly bright and slowly moved behind Crackneck (this convinced me that we were seeing UFO's), then the light that didn't move seemed to disappear for about 20 seconds. My friend noticed another light but it was small and red and moving very slowly it seemed to be a small plain moving slowly over Crackneck flying very close to where the first orange light was, the plane moved away a little as the first light came back but only dim as if it were very far away then got brighter again. I then noticed another orange light about half way over Crackneck at the same time the light that moved behind Crackneck re-appeared and another plane flew over it. We then decided to get a better look and headed closer to Crackneck.

We were now at Shelley beach, it was around 6am and suddenly there was an incredibly bright flash off of the peak of Crackneck (I'm not sure what this was) the flash kept going and the orange lights disappeared and we didn't see them again. We were walking through Shelley beach golf course and there were still soft flashes, by this time we thought that it must just be someone taking photos off of the peak but the first flash seemed far to bright for a camera. A car drove up to Crackneck just after the flashing stopped, this pretty much confirms that it was nothing special but we walked to Crackneck anyway this was about 6:30am and was the last object we seen even though I think it was nothing.

TV/Radio: If anyone else has seen this please email me.

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